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sexout pack with all required and recommended mods


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hey. i was wondering. is there a sexout pack that includes all required and recommended mods? there's very much to download and idk what i've already downloaded and what not. so i'm bound to get some serious bugs because it's missing things or it's not properly installed. so is there a pack for it?

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A compilation file of that size is really difficult to maintain while the mods are still in development, because it requires that the compilation be taken down and updated every single time one of the mods inside makes a slight change.  With all of the updating that many of the biggest mods (pregnancy, breeder, SRC) are still doing, it's rather impractical to maintain a compilation file.  


Installing everything Sexout requires one at a time is intimidating at first, but it's worth it to maintain control and the ability to troubleshoot if something goes wonky.

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With the changeover to the new forum system, I lost track of a lot of mods and was unable to keep them updated. I think enough authors have updated to the new download system that I might be able to make a new compilation pack. My days off are mon-wed, I'll look into whats available and what I can do with it then.


Edit: In response to MrMuffins statement about keeping up. I update on Mondays. If a new update comes out tuesday-sunday its on the end user to keep up.

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Think  the threat giver hase the same problem I runned into: Sexout Common Resource will have a huge type of other mods you must download. Also some of the links in the Common Resource thread now longer present in nexus or the authors on nexus have new versions out. Also sometimes you must read throug a whole 10paged thread to find the correct download link.


It take me 6 hours to complet - without missing meshes and textures - install: sexout, sexout cr, pregnancy v3, tryout, slavery, brutal rapers, sexout shop, sexout sex, trayout-PG Kennel, Bouncing Breast, Type 3 Body Replacer.


The idea behind Common Resource is very good, but the dowload everything and install it correctly is a huge work.






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