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Masterstroke Outfit 1.1

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About This File

Hello there.


Another Mashup " armor" for your consideration.


Name: Masterstroke Outfit;

Body: Sevenbase (port it with the Natural femalebody mesh as base, weight 0); no Bodyslide applied, minimum height defined. If you have clipping issues, use showracemenu and make sure your body height slide is all to the left.


This set is made of 6 independent pieces:


- Corset from Severus616 Pretty Ranger; ***

- Corset from KURESE Kirin Armor from Oblivion;

- Boots from Darigaz17 Swashbuckler;

- Skirt from Kirinisdivine Kiami Knit dress;

- Gauntlets with gloves from Severus616 Pretty Ranger;

- Leg Vials/Thief Kit Kirinisdivine Iron Frenzy;

- Amulet from Kirinisdivine Kiami Knit dress; *** removed in 1.1

- 2H Sword Sulundo taken from here.


*** removed in 1.1


This Outfit is designed for a sophisticated and resourceful thief character.


To install, just unzip and drop the data folder on the Skyrim main directory. I have installed using NMM and it worked well.


To uninstall manually, enter in the Data folder and delete MasterstrokeGear.esp; delete also the Masterstroke folders under Data\Meshes\clothes\ and Data\Textures\Clothes\; also delete the Hentai\Solundo folder in Data\Meshes\Weapons and Data\Textures|Weapons folders.


To get the Outfit:

- open console (~), type "help stroke" without commas and then "player.additem xxxxxxx", where the "xxxxxxx" are the given codes above);

- craft the armor under Misc category;


Future plans for this mod:

- fix reported bugs;

- add a weapon (I'm waiting for a nice dagger that should fit perfectly here, but the creator is inactive so...) Done.

- add bodyslide (eventually, after finish other projects, so... it could take a while... months)


Know Issues:

- The skirt, due to his form, is prone for some clipping with weapons, bows and belt quivers; nothing can be done about that, sadly; try to adjust the weapon size with showracemenu as a workaround.


Thanks and Credits:


KURESE for the Kirin Corset;

Darigaz17 for Outfit inspiration and the pair of boots;

Severus616 for Pretty Ranger;

Kirinisdivine for the oblivion meshes;

游民星空网盘3 for the Sword;

Sevennity for 7B body, grab it here at LoversLab or Nexus.

Bethesda for TESV Skyrim

All the good modders that help improve this amazing game by creating mods, leaving great video tutorials or helping noobs like me!

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Version 1:
  • - First Release.
  • Version 1.1
  • - New Corset;
  • - Fix Gloves;
  • - New Weapon;
  • - Amulet removed;
  • - small fixes/tweaks.

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