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Hi there!


This Mod adds a powerful armor/weapon with a Daedric Prince blessing included.


Name: Psycho Gear;


This Set adds 4 Armor pieces and 1 weapon:


- Psycho Cuirass;

- Psycho Boots;

- Psycho Gauntlets:

- Psycho Pads.


- Psycho Warhammer.


The pads are enchanted; when a combat triggers, Bohetiah blesses you and the pads inflict damage to everyone around you; it's like the Ebony Mail Poison Cloak effect (poisons near NPC) but does health damage instead. Everything is upgradable.


To install, use NMM or MO; or just drop the contents into your Skyrim Data folder as usual.


To uninstall manually, enter in the Data folder and delete PsychoGear.esp; delete also the "PsychoArmor" folders under Data\Meshes\armor\ and Data\Textures\armor\ .


To get the Set:

- use the console, typing "help psycho" without commas, then "player.additem" the codes;

- for now, simply pick them in a chest in Broken Limp Camp near the Giant chest and the Mammoth cheese (good name for a store in Shor's Stone);


Screenshots at the Download page.


Future plans for this mod:

- fix reported bugs;

- add some conditions to get the set; it will be available only after the Bohetiah' Calling quest for sure, the pick-up location and method is not defined yet.


Thanks and Credits:


UFF Warrior Skin by Petrovich:

KGTools Clothing Converter used for the Bodyslide;

SCMO for Optimized Textures;

Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls games;

All the good modders that help improve this amazing game by creating mods, leaving great video tutorials or helping noobs like me!

What's New in Version 1.1


  • Version 1.0:
  • - First release;
  • Version 1.1:
  • - Bodyslide added;
  • - Optimized textures;
  • - Small tweaks.

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