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There is a new version of this mod out;



The Seamstress Guild

(Theres a reference there for those of you who are literary inclined)



This mod adds a brothel called "The Seamstress Guild" at the second floor of Haelgas Bunkhouse. It's run by Madam Palm and has three whores. It's mostly estetic (hence vanilla) so you can't actually solicit any of the girls working there, but Madam Palm can rent you bed so if you want to roleplay as a prostitue you now got a brothel to work at. I've tried to avoid touching Haelga and the others that live in the Bunkhouse to avoid potential conflicts with quests, but I can't guarantee that so backup your saves before installing.


Update 1.0.4 (and forward) Introduces some dialouge and a small "quest" to draw in some more customers to the Guild. Also adds a small tailor shop. Dosn't sell anything interesting for now, but the owner does fence.  This version makes  changes to several NPCs in Riften, so possible conflicts with other mods that do the same, as well as broken quests. USE WITH CAUTION!


I have some ideas of expanding this mod into a full guild with a quest line and all, but I never really worked with quest or scripting so we well see how it goes. - ON HOLD FOR NOW (RDR2 is out on PC so wont have time for modding for quite some time I suspect. Might get back too it eventually (Skyrim have a tendancy to draw me back whenever the gaming market is slow.))


P.S; Anyone who want to expand on this mod/incorperate it in too theirs are free to do so, as long as you give proper credits. I'm not picky about these things.


Files and requierments

Two main files (Download only one of these):

The Seamstress Guild - Vanilla 1.0.3 (Main mod, no requierments)




The Seamstress Guild - Vanilla 1.0.6 (Main mod, requires SKSE and "Fuz Ro D-oh")





Optional file:

The Seamstress Guild Whore Tattoos (Optional mod with some tattoo overlays I made, requires racemenu)




Known Bugs

Theres a wardrobe in the bathing area that refuses to go away no matter what I do in the creation kit, at least for me. Use the console to disable it or learn to live with it.



Lor Modders' Resources AND The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack by LorSakyamuni

Resources for modders by Runspect

Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys
                 CD Project Red

Liam's Blank Signs Texture Resource by LWatson95

Tapestries by RoboBirdie

KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies

Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns by Tamira


Jokerine's Misc Resources by Jokerine




What's New in Version 1.0.8



Removed a few textures that got uploaded by mistake in the last update.



Fixed the quest so you cant completet it by giving all flyers to a single npc. Some general polish.



Added a buch of scripts I forgot, so the quest should work now



Minor adjustment of a sign.



Added a small shop, some dialouge and a small "quest".



Fixed some of the banner meshes pointing to the wrong texture folder



Some minor polish, some of the tapestries were adjusted

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