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  1. You can find all quest id's in the walktrough (downloads), or you can use console and type "help ssg" (without the ""). That will list all the quests. It's made for oldrim, so I can't say how it will work with special edition. Dosn't use SSE myself, so won't be any conversions from me I'm afraid. Sorry. Zelurker (post #55 -#59) seem to have figured out a setup that works with SSE, check those post.
  2. Seems the "on read" script is not kicking off as it should. You could try uninstalling the mod, load up your save and save without my mod, then reinstall and try again to see if that works. Alternativly, you could use console and "setstage ssg_q01 0" wich should start up the quest chain same as if you read the letter.
  3. Don't think any of those should be edited, I used tes5 to pack the mod so it propably just packed them because the mod uses them. There are some scripts related to the quests mentioned in the discription that that I've edited, but that should only be of concern if you use any mods that alters those quests. Not sure I understand what you mean. Recruting Timble is the last quest of the mod, if everything is working you should get her to move to riften and set up shop at the bunkhouse after compleating "extra extra" and "meet the harlots". Just to be clear; This is was the final release, I'm no longer working on this mod.
  4. Try going back to a save from before you installed the mod. Wait for a few moments for the mod to fire of all scripts, then quick save/quick load and then read the letter and see if that makes a difference. You won't see any real change in the bunkhouse until you purchase the upgrades, however, on of the doors on the upper floor should be locked and require a key to open. If it's not, then the mod has most likley not installed correctly.
  5. As stated in the desription, I don't intend to add any new features to this mod, at least not for the forseable future, as I'm taking a break from modding. As for if a "functional" bathtub could be made, I sure it could but I wouldn't know where to start, nor have I ever used BiS so don't know how it works. The easiest way I could see it done would be to find some kind of "water resource" that fitted into the tub and then add a "sit" marker (an invisable chair so to speak). I know "follow me for sex" has a "bathtub" that can spawn in for example. I actually figured out the wardrobe, turns out it's an other mod I'm using, Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO). Thanks for the comment, sorry that it might not have been the answer you were hoping for.
  6. Good to hear you figured it out. I have been reading up on it thou, and it seems it's not uncommon people to have problems with this quest, so I think I might make a "patch" anyway. Hi, I appriciate the feedback. As for Madam Palm and the charter, when you first ask about the charter she should mention the price. Then, you should get a dialouge choice "I can't afford that right now" (note that you get that choice even if you do have the money). If you choose that answer she will offer to act as you "Madam" if you are willing to work the streets, or (If you are a TG member) ask brynjolf for more jobs. This should also update the journal to say something like "I need to raise some money". I did a quick test and it fired of as it should on my end. Are you sure the dialouge wasn't there? I've noticed that "Fuz ro-doh" can be a bit of hit and miss, and make dialouge rush by before you have chance to read it, maybe thats what happend? As for the kids, i'll put in some additional conditions to make sure the "power" is only available on adults. Thanks for the heads up, I tend to mostly ignore the kids in this game so I would never have cought that one myself. Nice catch. I don't want to put enchantments on the earrings, as I figure some player might want to place their own enchantments on them, however, I will add a few cure disaese potions to timbles shop (ones in Riften that is). As for the "work a shift" dialouge, yes is is a bit emersion breaking, but that dialouge in the RP mod, not mine, and I don't want to mess with other peoples work. Again, thanks for the feedback,. and if you still don't get the dialouge/journal update when dealing with Palm, let me know and I will dig a bit deeper.
  7. Woulden't be a proper Bethesda game without the ocassional Voodoo fuckery.
  8. I tried making timers before, but never got it to work. I'm leaning towards just removing the conditon on the dialouge as that would be the easiest. The other alternative could be to just "clone" the vanilla quest. It's a realtivly short quest, altough I'll admit I've began getting a bit of cretion kit fatigued after spending 3 weeks of almost non stop work on this mod. I'll take look at it when I come home and make decision.
  9. Well, short term the best aid I can offer is to use console and "setstage ssg_q04hostess 20". I'm curently out of town so I don't have acces to my computer, but I hope to release my next update on monday. I could make a "patch" for this issue then and upload at the same time.
  10. Thank you. Yes, you have to do her mammoth tusk quest to unlock the next set of dialouge. I'll probably should make that clearer in the journal entry. Also, as soon as this mod is done I'll sit down a write a proper walkthrough.
  11. Thats wierd indeed. The only thing I can think of is any mod that makes changes in the same areas, maybe if you have one of those "city X re-imagined" kind of mods? if so you could experiment with load order. Also, the girl in markarth is not actually in the warrens, she should be standig just outside (shes an orc named crush). Also, did you "upgrade" from a previous version of this mod, or was 1.0.5 the first version of this mod you played? i.e did you start from a "clean" save? I've noticed you can get all kind of bugs during the "start up" of this mod, best thing is to start from a save from before you installed any version of this mod, wait a few seconds and the quicksave/quickload. as for ref id I'm not entirly sure, but you could begin by trying this one; XX05c838 (Whiterun girl). please let me know if any of the above was helpful.
  12. Thanks, I'm glad to hear you like it. Haven't tried confabulation yet, but I'll propably take a look when I'm done with the mod.
  13. The bug will be fixed in the next version, I had set up the conditions wrong so if you go to Solitude first you dont get Huldas second line. Thanks for the heads up. About the "Seamstress without a needle"; The quest is actually designed that way. When I said you can switch between the routes I ment if you go "Maul", you can still go the Indipendent route during "Illrepute" and "Charter" and vice versa if you went the other way. Maybe not the best quest design*, but I'm also new to this and are learning as I go on. I might go back and change things when the rest of the quests are finished (see the posts by maddac) but for know I'll leave them the way they are. As for the name, in hindsight roman letters would have been better, but now I named it 2.0 so... sticking with it 😋 Thank you for the help, it really appreciate the feedback. *I always considered the TG route to be the main one, I only made the Indipendent becouse I knew not all player would be interested in joining the thief guild
  14. 1.Unfortunally I'm not sure this will happen as those script changes makes my quest progress. Don't get me wrong, I want my mod to be as compatable as possible, but right now I want to get the rest of the quest finished as I'm somewhat pressed for time. I might do a second pass later and see if i can figure out a workaround that dosen't require messing with vanilla scripts (I have an idea that might work). 2.Will do that from here on out. 3.It's not meant to be an upgrade, but a standalone. Only have one of them installed at the same time. 4.Good idea, would certanly make it alot easier to be sure I packed the right files. Will do so from here on out an might go back and change the old ones if time allows. Please don't take this the wrong way, I think all your points a good and valid, but I do have very limited time to get this project done so right now I'm not prepared to go back and redo the entire quest chain. If you want you could try "no to mod" when my file asks you to overwrite the Good Guys mod and then stick to the "indipendent" route, as a temporary work around. You'd miss out on the Thief Guild tie-ins but I think it should work.
  15. Ok. I ran trough the quest on my end and it all worked as intended. Just so we are clear; my mod just makes a few dialouge changes during the "chance arrangment" quest, but it dosn't actually change how the quest runs (you still have to nick Madesi's and put it in Brand-Shei's pocket etc.). It's mostly ment as an excuse to join the Thief Guild. If things are working as they are supposed the "Seamstress Without a needle" journal entry should say something like "Brynjolf promised to introduce me to Madam Palm if I help him out. I should play along for now". Afterwards he tells you to find him at the ragged flagon wich is where you find the Madam. Once you talk to her the "Seamstress without a needle" should be complete. If that dosn't work, let me now and I'll take a closer look tomorrow and see if I missed any files in the upload.
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