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The Book of UUNP Circulated in Skyrim 1.1.0

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About This File

About this Mod


This mod is a patch to help Gamefever's Book of UUNP work properly with other "Circulated in Skyrim" patches. While both are compatible this patch should help distribute Book of UUNP content into your Skyrim and reduce problems which can arise when using The Book of UUNP and one or more CIS patches.


When creating a Bashed Patch using Wyre Bash, my Outfit Templates were written using CIS Leveled Lists. Basically, what this means is that my NPCs were spawning only with content managed by the CIS patches I had installed. Because I did not have a CIS patch that managed Book of UUNP content, my NPCs could not spawn with Gamefever's gear. This mod adds Book of UUNP gear to CIS leveled lists, thereby allowing its content to spawn even if CIS Leveled Lists are used in place of Book of UUNP leveled Lists.


What does this mod do, and how so?
In a nutshell, the CIS series replaces items in Skyrim with “leveled lists”, which makes it possible for different items (such as modded content) to be spawned in place of vanilla content. 


What is CIS?
The “Circulated In Skyrim” mods distribute items added by mods that are otherwise unobtainable in-game without the use of console commands or scaryscripts. Many mods that add new items to Skyrim don't make them available to NPCs or lootable objects. The CIS series not only fixes this problem, but it also rebalances and adds enchanted variants of modded items based on vanilla content.


Would you like to know more?
Read more information about the "CIS Series" here -




This mod shouldn’t conflict with any other CIS patch. However, this mod may conflict with any other mod that. . .

- Edits armor-related leveled lists
- Edits outfit templates

The former can be resolved via a Bashed Patch (Wyre Bash). Without a Bashed Patch (or mod merging), this mod will overwrite the leveled lists and outfit templates of all .esp or .esm files that are loaded prior. The latter cannot be solved without individually editing Outfit records with the Creation Kit or TES5Edit.



- To add some screenshots.



Unzip the contents of the “TheBookofUUNPCIS” file within your “Data” folder inside of your Skyrim install folder. This mod must be placed BELOW ""CISCore" and “Book of UUNP Iron and Steel.esp” in your load order.


Known Bugs and Errors

- No (unfixed) bugs or errors have been reported.



Feel free to modify my work to your heart's content. You may share my (modified) work with others, but please provide a link to the original and do not host my mods on other sites without my prior permission. In the event that I cannot be contacted, then you distribute and host my work (to your heart's content).





The Book of UUNP (by GameFever)

"Circulated In Skyrim" Core Files (By me, make sure you have the latest version)


Questions and Answers

Will you make a “Circulated in Skyrim” patch for [insert mod]?
Are you paying me? If not, probably not. The keyword is probably, not definitely


What if I'm paying you?

I wasn't expecting that. . . uh, I'll work for as long as I have Mountain Dew.



Version 1.1.0 (June 25, 2019)

Minimum Requirements: CISCore v1.2.0, The Book of UUNP v1.67

Fixed GameFever's Arch Mage and Necromancer Robes Armor Addons (to prevent "inviso-body" bugs)

Moved Leveled Lists to CISCore


Version 1.0.0 (May 25, 2019)

Minimum Requirements: CISCore v1.1.0, The Book of UUNP v1.67

Added Gamefever's Book of UUNP Armor to CISCore's Leveled Lists

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Minimum Requirements: CISCore v1.2.0, The Book of UUNP v1.67

Fixed GameFever's Arch Mage and Necromancer Robes Armor Addons (to prevent "inviso-body" bugs)

Moved Leveled Lists to CISCore

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