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This mod is in an as is state since i no longer play le skyrim

well I've been playing oblivion again as a vampire and noticed skyrim has a distinct lack of pure sexy (OP) grey skinned vampire races (vampire races reloaded, xenius vampires, etc)  so i made my own. Now these mofos are OP and they are mainly intended for a female playthrough although you could play a male

anyway they have high starting stats and a racial called purest blood also a secret perk in the readme

(they didn't really need it as OP as they were already) DID I MENTION THEY'RE OP?


they were made with sacrosanct in mind

but there is an optional dawnguard only version in the zip incase you don't use sacrosanct


BTW if you have blue skin at race menu keep calm and tweak the skintone slider til you get your desired result screenshots are just an example of what can be achieved

also i recommend Skytweak by Grimy Bunyip incase the attributes roll over into the negatives since the buffs are so high



Pure skin texture by Anini n Regenbot03


Healthy Feet Female feet - RP's Feet for Skyrim - UNPB UUNP CBBE BY redp

 xp32 maximum skeleton extended by groovtama


What's New in Version 1.0.1



added a separate skeleton 



added more screenshots

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