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I'm a new modder and I tried to create a mod for "Peculiar Desires" like Human Pet, Owner, Submissive, Dominante,.... It is a test mod honestly its almost just look pretty but doesn't really work without the inconvenient of crashing your game, its just in progress.

Here I only started with Human Pet and Owner were you will need to complete an aspiration to gain your traits 'pet' or 'owner'.

First you have a new Aspiration Category wich is: Peculiar Desires ( the name of the mod)

With this Aspiration Category you will gain a new trait : Peculiar Taste.

You will have two choices : Perfect Pet or Outrageous Owner.

Both are not really developped, I created 4 steps for each were you will gain the Pet or Owner Traits.

With them you will have Flirty and Confidence buffs because you are near or not of your Pet or Owner.

I tried to play with it while having Wicked Whims and Nisak's Perversion and Basemental Drugs on end it seems to work.




Known bugs ( looking for help here: ;) ) :

              -Buffs doesn't seem to have a time limit so Confident and Flirty buffs are on all the time.

              -the Traits don't appear in the Sims Info Panel (Peculiar Taste or Pet)

                 -The aspiration doesn't show in the aspiration choices in gameplay, the player have it and you can complete it but after when you want to choose an another aspiration it doen't show in the menu and it looks like you were doing the Animal Lovers Aspiration.

                  -Can't organise events, just a blanck window appear. 

               -Texts don't appear in game

What I would like to add but don't have the fucking idea how:

                 -A transform Pet interaction for a Sim with a Owner trait were the Sim would be able to add the Pet trait to his/her compagnon

                 -Interactions for the Pet : walkstyle ( on all fours? maybe ?), drinking from a boal, plead owner to fuck, pleasure owner,...

                 -Add maybe Noir collar when a Sim have the Pet Trait to make it more official...

                 -Incorporate Wicked Whims interaction to add to the fun because honestly wooh-hoo has its limits.

                 -Limit the buffs so that they are not active all the time for the traits.

                 -Put a buff for the Pet were if the Sim doesn't see its Owner in a while the Sim would become sad ( like in the Family Oriented Trait)


What I might add but didn't have the energy to:

                  -A Dom and Sub aspiration track with their associated traits.

                  -Outrageous Owner Aspiration


PS: Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.



What's New in Version 1.0.39   See changelog


Version 1.0.39:

              -Fixed the lazy language bug, add all the languages files back. If you play in english don't mind this update. (Now it will appear in your game but still in english I'm not that good XD


Version 1.0.38:


                -Fixed the bug for the text in Outrageous Owner

                -Added a sad buff for the trait Pet for Missing Master but can't find how to not make it permanent.... (If someone know)


Version 1.0.37:


                  -Added a confident buff for the peculiar Taste Trait

                  -Added the Outrageous Owner Aspiration track and his reward trait

                  -The trait Peculiar Taste and Owner are now visible on the Sim info Panel.


Version 1.0.35:


                    -Change the icon of the Peculiar Taste Trait.

                    -Now the trait Pet appear when the Aspiration is completed


PS: I know it is little, I will work more on it during the holidays but weirdly the more I'm close to my exams and less I want to work on them :(  , so I tried a few thing to make this mod work and also updated my game.



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