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DEC 2019: I couldn't really continue allowing my Hates Children sims to be so casual with their kids, so I came back to at least try and make the trait semi-functional for the University Patch. The trait now has basic functionality again, were sims will get the negative buffs associated with hates Children with their own kids, and the new moodlets I built into my expanded additional trait. I would like to work on the mod more and expand on it, but I don't have the time. I will continue to patch-it where I can, and when my workload changes I will try fleshing it out with those much needed features.

What's this?
The Sims 2 and 3 gave us a variety of different Families and how they would behave with one another, from playful and adoring parents (Family orientated), to normal alright ones (No family trait) all the way to cruel and dark ones (Hates Children). You could mix and match parents with these traits and get some really interesting and dramatic stories, but the Sims 4? It fails to address the opposite side of the perfect parent.
At present, Parents are either Goody two-shoes or amazing at meeting their childs needs, and always feel good about everything that happens involving a child...including those with the Hates Children Trait! This system is wrong. We lost our diverse family stories! It has become clear EA/Maxis will not be fixing these issues themselves, so you're stuck with me and my amateur programming!

I would recommend using this Trait alongside the original Hates Children, as I can't quite get all the features I want from Hates Children into a new trait, or vice-versa. I will be merging the two together in the future.
You can find the Trait in CAS under "Personality - Lifestyle".

NOTE: Please use WinRAR to extract the files if you encounter difficulties using winzip!

What it does so far

This mod is built into a trait right now and does the following, and works with the University Patch.

1. Sims will get an angry moodlet around their own kids. They also nab an angry moodlet around their grandkids, and even around nieces and nephews. If they are a caregiver, they also get angry moodlets because hey, it's still a child they're caring for. Beware that these stack, so a sim can become enraged very quickly and might have a heart attack.
2. Sims will get the "Ugh! Toddlers!" and "Ugh! Children" buffs with the Hates Children trait, even around their own children! You can make a really angry parent by using the original Hates Children and this additional trait together.

What is to be added icon_exclaim.gif (NO TIME TO WORK ON RIGHT NOWicon_exclaim.gif

1. A mood scrubber, so that no happy buffs associated with being a caregiver appear.
2. Sims with Hates Children will always reject feeling a pregnant sims belly.
3. Your Sim can opt-out of being a caregiver, even without using the trait.
4. Blocking advice chance-cards added by the Parenthood DLC to those with this trait, or at least give them the option to make no selection. (No longer forcing you to be a parent!)
5. Allowing adult sims to smash kids projects added by Parenthood DLC.
6. Disabling Parenting Skill for those with Hates Children so they never obtain it.
7. Replacing the buffs added by the social worker removing toddlers/children, so Hates Children sims are happy by it instead of upset.
8. Replacing the pathetic recycled "friendly" mean animations towards children and toddlers with more suitable "aggressive" animations on selected interactions (just for some variety).
9. Adding chance of child running away and joining another household, as a result of neglect, rather than being "rescued" all the time (like in Sims 2!)
10. Allow sims to be actively mean to children while streaming (Get Famous) if their reputation is very bad.
11. Caregivers will no longer be psychic and will need to be in the same room as a toddler to know that it needs feeding. (Maxis finally did this! )
12. Turn off the random "check toddler" and "watch toddler" autonomy. This feature is dumb and promotes lazy parenting. (Again, Maxis finally fixed it! )
13. Allow sim teens and adults to fight on command, rather than making it randomly trigger from negative interactions.
14. Giving teens, who have despised relationship with one or both parents, the chance of moving out to live with a friend.

This mod is meant to make parenting more difficult and realistic; no more psychic parents, no more perfect happy families all the time, more dramatic interactions, give mean sims more purpose in life, and no more autonomy for childcare on sims who Hate Children!


The dreaded Last Exceptions! I see them now and again, but I don't know what part of my mod causes it because I am still learning how programming and script-modding works, so whilst I will look at the logs you give me I don't think I will be able to understand them, but with enough time looking at them it will help me figure out what might have gone wrong. I am working on this project alone, so any outside help is appreciated. 


This mod will not work with other mods that alter the Hates Children Trait. Tested with Parenthood DLC, and appears to function as normal.


In the OLD versions of the mod I modified a LOT of stuff, as I was working on the Moodlet Scrubber. I added this trait to all positive buffs available to parent sims around toddlers (these are buffs only), giving them a blacklisted flag, so they should not appear. These contain changes to list both the Bad Parent Trait and Hates Children Trait under "blacklisted" traits, which should prevent sims with these traits from gaining the positive buffs. Hates Children is already blacklisted under certain buffs, but under normal circumstances still has a slight chance of gaining a positive moodlet, whilst I added my Trait to these blacklists I also made corrections where I could to the Hates Children Trait. These changes no longer exist in the new versions of the mod.

The only files modified are the trait_hateschildren(hidden) and trait_hatestoddlers(hidden) to make it so users of the default Hates Children Trait can still get the negative moodlets/buffs associated with the trait when around their sims own children. For those who want a more angry sim that really hates kids, I recommend using my modified trait alongside it with a multi-trait mod.

At present the full functionality of my positive moodlet scrubber does not work, please see BUGS for more information.

What's New in Version 1.9   See changelog


Reworked and rebuilt from scratch to work with Discover University. Mod is back to the bare-bones, please read description.


Other Files from Zuperbuu

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