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Moonlight Standalone Follower SE 1.0.0

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**Brazilian delight**






CBBE version only for SE. Essential, can be married, Dual capable, single sword, explosive fire archer. Located in Windhelm.


In her own way, Moonlight likes to be a fair fighter with her shield and sword, with a fully equipped Nord bow and 2000 explosive fire arrows, she will surely give a good death.


Take away her shield and she will dual slice and dice the enemy like butter!


"Oh, the humanity!!!"


Location: Windhelm, Candlehearth Hall
Voice type: default nord
Height: .93, Weight 100
Levels: 30 - 600
Marriage: Yes
Armor type: Light (mix of ebony and leather)


Be sure to take away the default hunting bow


*NetImmerse Override needed for the heels in Racemenu.*

RaceMenu and additional link for the SKSE



Highly recommended:

Face Light SE by tktk1



I'm not going to make a UNP version for now.

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