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Rain Dancer Standalone Follower 1.0.0

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Rain Dancer

Who is Rain Dancer? A simple harem girl. Nord, can be married. CBBE,  CBBE HDT , UNP, UNP HDT


One of a rare mod that Nexus would not let me display because of her outfit. Hey! I worked hard on this back in late 2016 and I believe this mod has every right to be expressed the way she was originally intended to those that are willing to have Rain Dancer in their game.


Updated with UNP, UNP HDT outfit! Smaller tats, but it works just as well.

If you have the old UNP versions, simply overwrite with this new one.



If you ever wanted a harem girl, this is the one for you. Well....at least before someone else gets her first.






Passing through Skyrim with a caravan of harem girls as a tribute to King Hlaalu Helseth in Morrowind to be a gift for his son, Prince Helseth of Daggerfall, Rain Dancer was traded off for safe passage through the Robber's Gorge. The bandit chief now holds her as trading stock down inside the Robber's Cove.

Kill the bandit chief and take his key to the hatch inside his shack and rescue this damsel in distress. She will be grateful and so belongs to you.



Because Rain Dancer is a harem girl, she has some basic things like a silver sword, orchish bow of fire and 800 orchish arrows for defense.


Mishmash outfit will be her armor for protection and is willing to fight to help the Dragonborn for being heroic in her rescue.


You may want to give her a better sword, shield and bow.



Nord class
Voice: Youngeager
Weight:100, Height 100
Single sword, 2H and bow. (Be sure to take away her default hunting bow)
Location: Robber's Cove


HDT versions requires:

-  HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogenSaysHDT

-  XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama





Credits: SG Hair, Mikan eyes, SG brows, Caliente's meshes and textures.


Whether these items below are still on Nexus or not, I do not know.


Elysium Clothes/armor by JackGa permission granted by Alunder



Fox 46 armor by Fox6000 & Psychomachina permission granted by Alunder



Rain Dancer is exclusive to me so please do not re-upload on the internet. Thank you.


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