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Transformation Dark Knight and Paladin (Not Supported) Beta.4

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About This File

Transformation DarkKnight&Paladin BETA.4.7z
is the main file needed for the mod.


Transformation Eye and Weapons Darknight&paladin ws (1).7z
is the glowing eye addon and weapon pack.
You can acquire the new weapons at the forge or through console.


Vindictus Dark Knight Beta Fixed2.7z
I think it fixes the bug where when you transformed into a dark knight and then back out, everytime after that, when entering combat ie. pressing 'r', it'll trigger the animations. Or something like that according to Broken Mirror.


Here's a version made by Corta that helps "Debulkatize" the dark knight and paladin forms for females.


This mod is made from the inspiration of the Vindictus transformation into a Dark Knight/Paladin.
When you use the spell to either a dark knight or paladin you will transform into either receiving quite a passive stat bonuses.


To start the mod go to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and talk to the Mysterious Stranger!




Here is some game-play footage


[spoiler=Just Some Info]Just reposting this if anyone wants it. Luckily I had a backup save.


Here's the vindictus Dark Knight and Paladin mod that was taken down a
while ago and is no longer supported. The mod itself works great, but
here's a link if you want to still download it.


I take no credit for the work whatsoever and If the original author(name who I forget and am too lazy to find) wants me to remove this I will fully comply with his/her request.


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