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About This File

Inspired by many images found on e621, I decided to make something similiar.



UNP or CBBE for females.

SOS for males.



If you want every argonian argonian to look loke this, install like any other mod,

If you want your character to be unique, you can use something like Custom Races : simply overwrite it's textures with mine, and remember to replaces meshes too.


Additional info:

The schlongs seen on screenshots are: My Snake Cock Addon (textures can be found here), SOS Schlong for females with my texures, SOS Foreskin with my textures.



HHaleyy (Fair Skin Complexion) for normal map textures

What's New in Version 1.4



Added male (SOS) version

This update also affects females:

  • specular maps have been changed, so that the scales are shinier
  • slight change to head normal map

Those changes are of course also present on male version


More plates on torso, added plates on hands, smooth feet.

Head texture changed to look more accurate.

Few other things.


Added texture for vagina and anus

Smoothed out tail

Uncompressed version now has mipmaps


Added CBBE version

slight change to feet texture


Feet texture now looks acceptable

Nostrils, lips and eyes area slightly lighter

Other Files from Yakub

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