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  1. You're ALSO gonna have SxB integrate into it?!
  2. Sad that Frackin Universe has to be a part.
  3. Starbound, I've personally got 3k+ hours in it, and seeing FauxFurry mention it is super exciting. Skyrim, and Fallout are also pretty rich with adult mods. Starbound could use some more community love.
  4. Bit of a sizey code question, spoilered it just to keep the thread tidy.
  5. If its just an effect, like speed, or whatever. /suicide should work. I forget if you need to be in /admin or not. Either way. aforementioned command should reset all effects.
  6. Or, you can unzip the file, make sure the folder leads directly to the internals of the mod, and not a second level of a folder with the same name. Then, use this progam. Friendly GUI, easy to use.
  7. Artus_


    This? SkArmor 0.35B-560-0-35B.7z
  8. You'd need a script to handle "If user has status 'pregnant' change humanoid directory to '...' ", Which, could possibly be done bouncing off the idea of the sphere tech, almost. I assume.
  9. I didn't think it was possible to look at someone's work and think "definitely sexual", but here we are. Excellent work, both well thought out and aesthetically pleasing.
  10. Among Us themed SxB NPC chat bubbles when
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