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About This File

This mod brings the glorious breasts from the DOA5LR Beach Paradise mod to DOAXVV! The breasts for Ayane, Kasumi, Hitomi, Kokoro, Helena, Momiji, Nyotengu and Leifang are included and can be selected interchangeably for every girl that uses the common body mesh (this excludes Honoka, Luna, Marie, Nagisa and Kanna). Marie's breasts are exclusive to Marie, Nagisa & Kanna and Honoka's breasts are exclusive to Honoka & Luna.

As of version 0.8 (01-06-19) the mod also includes new groin models and textures created by merging the BP genitals to the DOAXVV groin.


This mod utilizes the Costume Customizer framework so make sure you've got that installed first.


Things I'd like to do (in no particular order):

  • add the remaining breasts from BP for common body (Christie, Lisa, Mai, Mila, Naotora, Pai, Rachel, Sarah and Tina; will probably need a seperate mod folder as each slot only allows 12 options)
  • add the butts from BP (will probably resort to combining BP genitals with DOAXVV butt)
  • explore cross-compatability between common, honoka and marie body (an ideal world where every breast would be available for every girl)
  • maybe add a BP4.0 version as well when this one is finished
  • probably lots of fine-tuning and bug fixing

What's New in Version 0.8


v0.8 (01-06-19)

- added Kanna support

- added new groin models+textures created by combining the BP genitals with the DOAXVV groin 🍑


v0.7 (19-02-19)

- added Honoka/Luna support


v0.6 (14-01-19)

The new release of Costume Customizer mod 1.5 has made it possible to load custom skin textures for seperate body parts. This means:

- you no longer need to install seperate skin textures

- nipple textures now change with the respective breast model

- I can start working on adding Honoka/Luna support


I also fixed an issue where sometimes the tan distorts around the nipple.

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