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Back by popular demand! The former number 1 Fallout 4 mod! The most sexy, lore friendly, sometimes hilarious, COMPLETE overhaul of all the textures in Fallout 4.
Everything has been hand crafted in Photoshop to give the most REALISTIC look for your Fallout 4 experience. Faded colors and worn papers, this mod changes all that lame PG Fallout Artwork across the wasteland into a complete must-have masterpiece!

The Magazines have lore friendly headlines and sub stories. The Billboards have hilariously sexist advertisements. And just for good measure, I threw in some period piece porn.

There isn't a greater Fallout 4 texture replacer out there so pick this one up today before I decide to pull it down again. ;)

I only put a couple sample's of some magazines in there but believe me, I've changed EVERY texture with art on it, in the game to something sexier.
(Update: I had to remove a lot of images to fit LL's new smaller file upload size limit. But believe me there's still more images in here than you'll ever even be able to see.)

If you want to check out some more of the images, feel free to visit my old Youtube page and watch a video about it HERE. You can find other Youtubers Mod Spotlights with this mod in them but I don't want to go find them all so, if you need it, you can use mine.