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Skyrim´s DOA5 Alluring Mandarin Dresses CBBE/HDT & UUNP/HDT & SMP BodySlide & OutfitStudio 1.5

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About This File

SKYRIM´S DOA 5 "Alluring Mandarin Dresses Set"  for CBBE HDT & UUNP HDT   



Dear LoversLab Community!


I don´t play DOA 5 but I felt in love with the dresses, which came out in the past as an DLC-add-on for that game:


The "Alluring Mandarin Dresses"


And so I dived into the "ocean" of SMP and broken stuff, which I tried to get working for my gameplay.

After some month I felt quite well using SMP-physics ingame and I use it as a standard now. If it is used

wisely, you can enjoy SMP-items together with HDT-items side by side and without big issures. Nothing

inside of skyrim is perfect but it´s mostly an eyecandy chance, to use clothing with such a natural behavior

inside the game.

The result is this mod, which has a really fine sorted clothing for all SMP-PE and long-dress-enthusiasts.


Thanks go to:





CPU (for the very nice NiOverride-Guide, without him, the models would not have get heels ´n´ pumps)


If this SMP-physics would not work inside of Bodyslide, I would not spend a second to try to create clothing

like this, so my "love" for BodySlide is more important to me, then an item which works with SMP-PE.

But this is herewith all possible if you follow to some sort of rules, which I will describe here for all of you,

who like to create BodySlide SMP-PE-Clothing in future: It WORKS with all the skirt and "top"-items as well.




If you have clippings with your body-shape or if you want again to change the project file,

refer to the following steps, please:



UUNP- Versions:


1. Start Bodyslide and then Outfit-Studio

2. Load the reference-file, which you like to change and load it by "import nif" /"import outfit"

3. Click on the UNP-Body which comes with the dress and LOAD the reference (UNP HDT-body)

4. Make sure that the UNP-Body is choosen, the new incoming item is named now "refUNP" and marked in green color,

    click onto the UNP-Body which came with the clothing and confirm all sliders - then you male the UNP-BODY,

    which has now taken over the sliders your new reference (It will become green then)

5. DELETE the "refUNP"-body, then choose all clothing items, !! but NOT the ground- and the feet-dummies!!

    then confirm again all sliders!!

6. Make your changes on the clothing (please refer to a guide for bodyslide if you are not sure how to do this).

7. Store the project: !!! Take care about the correct folders: You can make a screen copy of the original "save-project"-window

   of bodyslide and keep striktly to that structure again-if there´s a mistake, you will get in troubles and the mod gets damaged.

8. Don´t change the reference-file´s nif-contence. If this is being changed once, you may get a texture-chaos inside of this mod´s items.



Why is that necessary?

This workaround (top 1-8) is taking care, that the SMP-Skeleton, which is necessary for the dresses´ physics,

is prepared for Bodyslide to become created inside the mesh-folder:

meant are the *_0.nif and the *_1.nif - data files,  which are used for BodySlide to create homogen body-weighting ingame.

Outfit-Studio is loading the project always with the common BodySlide-Skeleton,

which is not working with SMP - so that´s why we have to take care, that the specific skeleton is

used for this mod. In other words: every time you are loading the project files of the three main dresses-files,

you have to take care for the above workaround to keep the mod working !




CBBE-Versions: (if you want to create a new  set from the reference-files, go from step 1-4, then 5 to 8,

if you want to edit an existing project, please start at "EDIT")


1. Start Bodyslide and then Outfit-Studio

2. Load the reference-file, which you like to change and load it by "import nif" /"import outfit"

3. LOAD the reference (CBBE HDT-body)

4. The New reference-body is named "BaseShape" and is in green color. Select the CBBE body of the loaded clothing and it´s other contence but

    NOT the "feet and the virtual ground!!, then confirm all sliders.


or:    "EDIT" :   Load the project-file of the clothing into Outfit-Studio, which you like to EDIT and go down to step 5-8 with the workaround...


5. Make your bodyslide-work and edit your shape of the clothing (look for a BodySlide Guide, please!).

6. Store the project: !!! Take care about the correct folders: You can make a screen copy of the original "save-project"-window

   of bodyslide and keep striktly to that structure again-if there´s a mistake, you will get in troubles and the mod gets damaged.

7. Don´t change the reference-file´s nif-contence. If this is being changed once, you may get a texture-chaos inside of this mod´s items.

8. For normal it´s now possible to load again the project in the normal way, like with a normal item, which has no different skeleton:

    Recalling a project should be working without the first 4 steps, simply load your project and edit your clothing and then store it again-this should work !



By this work-around, the clothing is stored with 2 different bodies: the cbbe and the "base shape" - body are both inside the clothing files. As the CBBE is quite "light",

this procedure is not very important to the gameplay. I did not either find an alternate for this action and it´s advantage seems to be the comfortable and common working

with Outfit-Studio: in this case the reference-files are not necessary and can be used in that case, if some trouble appears.









This mod is using the NI-Override-Heels-mod. Please download and install it for a full function for the high-heels.

This mod uses new animations for the FAN and the parasol. Please run FNIS after the installation and make sure it has installed the files correctly.






BUT THOSE EFFECTS ARE NOT SERIOUS AT ALL. (maybe an update can solve this in future.....by some conditions)






This Is, What You Need:



Ni-Override / Heels

HDT-Physics Extension

Skyrim SMP-PE-Path 0528

BodySlide & Outfit-Studio 







-Mandarin Dress "Long" in 6 versions, one as "latex-black"

-Mandarin Dress (normal length) in 9 versions, one as "latex-black" with gloves and stockings ´n´ pumps, one beggar and one barkeeper-version

-two different mask-sizes for different hairs, white and green for the "LISA"-Dress

-two pairs of fans, for the nyotengu-normal-sized-black-version and for the nyotengu-short-version, useable as single or left-and-right-hand-equipped, the right hand fan   can  also be used together with the torch

-a parasol, which can be used together with one fan or alone

-Mandarin Dress "Short" in 7 different styles

-hair-flowers for their suiting dresses 

-wrist-decoration for their suiting dresses







SMP-PE-Path Installation: 


A) Difficult Installation (which is manually):


If you did not use SMP before, please install the file with that name by using your installer (not ideal from my Point of view) - because- (this will exchange the existing hdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP.xml !!) or by manual installation: Extract in this case the packed file and put the data to it´s correct folder inside of the skyrim´s SKSE / PLUGINS - folder, where you find the hdtPhysicsExtensions. Save the old data perhaps into a little folder named: "old" and put the new files into that folder (SKSE/PLUGINS). This should be no problem and you wont damage any of existing data and you can easily return if things are totally messing up, expect against. This "extension" maybe is overwriting an edited version of the hdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP.xml - file: Pay attention and save your personally used and beloved HDT-BBP-file. I personally took my edited one for slower breast-physics and I did not get into problems. I suggest to exchange the one, which comes by this pack and replace it with the one which you have used BEFORE (which came from the HDT-Physics or which has been installed by BodySlide or which you obtained from other modders).

This will keep your Breast-Butt-Physics (HDT-Physic-File which I highlighted here yellow) alive and won´t overwrite it with the one, which is coming with the SMP-PE-PATH (which has no working BBP).

After the installation of the SMP-PE-PATH, your system is ready for all the wanted mods, which do support SMP-PE  and HDT and both are working from now on side by side !!


Last tip for SMP-clothing-modders:

IF you create own ***.xml-files for your own SMP-Clothing, you may keep in mind to work always with "," instead of "." between decimal-numbers (inside of the *.XML-files). 



B) Easy Installation (by using your Mod-Manager)


You can surround this manual installation by using an edited version of the SMP-PE-PATH, which simply doesn´t contain the hdtPhysicsExtensionDefaultBBP.xml - file anymore. This may prevent all users, who can´t get into details like I described inside of  the above SMP-PE-PATH-INSTALLATION from a Manual Installation.

I guess that all the mod-managers can install the path with this edited file: "smp-pe path 0528-without the BBP-file.rar" , which is also available inside the download-section of this mod, quite easy and without overwriting the existing BBP-file!








You are welcomed to "change" or add contence to this mod into your desired "direction"

and share it same way on LoversLab for FREE. If you sadly use partreon, I strongly suggest to

keep your hands away from this mod!


I don´t like to see this mod making money  which means:

please do no upload to NEXUS or other pages, who make their indirect or direct $$$ with mods.

LoversLab is excluded, because it´s the mod´s HOMEPAGE and because it´s our "residence-platform" and

I do still believe and fully confirm with the older and healthy "model":      " m o d d i n g    f o r    f r e e "


I globaly don´t make money with modding and because of this aspect,

I await that this mods don´t becomes otherwise a "money-machine" or somehow "patreon-used" or "sponsored".

This principle maybe keeps some mods clean from business.








What's New in Version 1.5


I´m very glad that I can offer this mod also for the CBBE-HDT-Body:


Available also for CBBE HDT SMP PE  Bodyslide & OutfitStudio.

Simply choose your Body-Type in the download-section.



The UUNP version has 140 MB !!! of size and contains it´s contence-name "*...UUNP...*".

(The OLD UUNP Version 1.0 has no NAME and can be ignored (also 140 MB of size)

The CBBE version has 101 MB !!! of size and contains it´s contence-name "*...CBBE...*".




Update-version-Corrections for 1.5: (UNP-Version)


- "LISA Pumps" (green) [has been in white color simply]

- "Mandarin Gloves Naotoro" [this item did not appear]

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