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Zaz Animation Pack 8.0 Helper Addon 1.0.2

About This File

This is an addon for ZaZ Animation Pack 8.0 designed for the sole purpose to make ZAP easier and more accessible to use and play with!


  • The main feature is a fully organized menu system that makes it possible to easily place somewhere around 1,000 furnitures! (It only took about 10k lines of code to create) :classic_laugh:
    • The menu can be accessed from a spell that will be given automatically to the Player on a fresh install or new game.
    • Categories are sorted alphabetically so it should be fairly easy to find what you're looking for.
    • All you do is cast the spell, then go through the menu to find the Furniture you want to place, hit the button and it will be placed in front of the Player.
    • Advantages vs using the console:
      • Finding and placing furniture is much easier and faster.
      • Unlike the console, the Furniture will not be placed directly on the Player, instead, it will be about 100 units in front of the Player. - This prevents the Player from getting stuck in stuff like Gibbets... (And having to TCL out or occasionally COD as a result.)
      • Unlike the console, Furniture will not be placed at strange angles. Instead, it will have 0,0,0 angle on the X/Y/Z axis (no tilt or yaw) - This is ideal for animations because all of the animations are designed to run without weird tilts and angles!
  • A spell is added automatically that makes it possible to delete any ZAP Furniture.
    • In order to work, the Furniture needs to be under the Player crosshairs when the spell is cast.
      • Caution! Be careful about deleting furniture specifically placed by other Mods! It is possible to do but I would not recommend it! (Unless you want to break things and watch the world burn!)
  • Added a basic NPC control system. To use:
    • Use the Select Furniture Spell and select some ZAP Furniture under Player crosshairs.  - A notification will tell you when it's successfully selected.
    • Talk to any adult NPC, Male or Female. - Tell them it's time to get locked up! (Ideally, chose an NPC that isn't in the middle of running another scene / AI procedure, etc.)
    • The NPC will adopt an AI package that will make them go to the Furniture that you previously chose, they will stay locked in it indefinitely.
    • If they have trouble getting to the Furniture or if their alignment is weird, cast the Align NPC spell (another spell added by this Mod) and it should fix it! The Align NPC spell can be cast from anywhere, you don't need to be near the NPC.
    • Go to the last tab in the Placement Menu and grab one of the 14 different ZAP Punishment devices.
    • Once you've had your fun with the NPC, you can either talk to them and release them, or, cast the NPC Reset spell and they'll go back to their normal, boring, less kinky lives...
    • Rinse and repeat!
      • Thought about adding support for multiple NPCs, maybe up to 10 or something. Let me know what you guys think. For now, I've only added one at a time.


The Furniture may not always spawn in ideal positions for immediate use and you may want to move it around, especially if you're decorating a home etc. The best way to do this would be to grab Jaxonz Positioner from Nexus. You can easily position the Furniture is just about any conceivable way with that Mod.


I haven't added all the new stuff from ZAP 8.0+. I will probably wait until ZAP 9.0 comes out and then update everything. I believe that I have all the Furniture from ZAP 8.0 added, there's about 1,000 furnitures in that menu... lol - For now, I haven't added all of the static items such as cages etc. - Could add some of this stuff if people want it.

If you notice any Furniture that I missed, let me know. 




ZaZ Animations Pack 8.0 (Or 8.0+)


Highly recommended:

Jaxonz Positioner



Big thanks to T.ara for his work on ZAP 8.0, this wouldn't be possible otherwise!

Ashal for Loverslab

CPU for bouncing around some script ideas

The LL Community







What's New in Version 1.0.2


Added higher Quest priority for NPC Alias AI so it will beat out other quest AI more reliably for locking NPCs to furniture.



  • Regenerated the SEQ files. - This might help some people who were having trouble getting the spells initially.
  • Fixed 1 menu. (Round Racks) So it has a back button.



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