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About This File

So here it goes my first conversion of a Bunny Suit for 7b Bombshell with a weight support.
Bracelets uses a ring slot , in case someone is wondering.


And I think I had enough of pantyhoses right now +calm.png.


There are two weird bugs that I was unable to resolve:

  • You will get lots of clippings on the knees with more flexible poses.
  • Feet around fingers likes to get distorted if a custom pose uses these bones.

I've tested vanilla animations plus few of the custom walk/running/idle replacers and it works fine. Not sure how it looks in combat.
Basicaly every standing/sitting/laying pose works properly without clippings. ( just try to avoid "kneel" poses ).
What about other bodies? First I want to be sure this one is done properly.


If you have any suggestions on how I could improve suit and myself please let me know or if you find any strange bugs.


All the Credits goes to the ANK team for original model and authors of Bodyslide 2.
















I have added a UNP TopModel with BBP version. Supports weight sliders and clippings are reduced to the minimum ( on knees too but they still appear however just not that much as it was with 7B Bombshell version.


In the pictures I'm using 0.5 weight. Just in case someone is wondering.








I have added UNPB version for request and fixed these horrible clippings on the knees. On the UNP TM version too so just 7b is waiting for a small remake.





What's New in Version 1c


  • 1c - Added UNPB BBP + fixed clipping knees
  • 1b - Added UNP TM with BBP version
  • 1a - Initial release

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