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Vanilla Skyrim Choker & Earrings - with enchantments 1.1

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About This File


This esp replacer adds enchantments to gomaperopero's mod.

Each of the choker and earrings got the enchantment of their vanilla counterparts. There are a few additional changes.



You will need the original mod for it.

You still have to use the console or AddItemMenu to obtain the items, because no crafting, lootlist or levellist changes were made yet.




Download and install the original mod from the link above.

Download this Choker of Skyrim.esp and overwrite the original one. 



  • added vanilla enchantments - They didn't have any enchantments at all, so I've added the vanilla ones.

  • reduced weight to 0.5 - because Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade changed the original amulets to 0.5

  • added weight 0.5 to weightless items

  • added missing keywords to Choker (but not the earrings)

  • Choker of Ancient Nord - the vanilla amulet has no enchantment, so I've added EnchArmorResistMagic01 "Resist Magic" (Magic resistance of 10%).
    I wanted to have something like "shouts do stagger more easily", because Kyne (Kynareth, you Imperial scum!) granted the Thu'um to the Ancient Nords, but couldn't find it immediately.

  • Choker / Earrings of the Elder Council - same as the vanilla counterpart: no enchantment, but a value of 1000 Septims

  • Choker / Earrings of Articulation - added EnchArmorArticulation05 "Articulation" - the item is scaling in the original game, this will give you a flat bonus of Speech +20, which is stronger than Dibella with +15.

  • renamed Choker of Necromancer to Choker of the Necromancer - the same with the earrings.

  • renamed Eearrings to Earrings




The original mod belongs to gomaperopero.

Make sure to unequip enchanted items before upgrading or uninstalling. Magical effects might get stuck on your character when messing with enchantments.

I didn't change the vanilla magical effects, so the enchantments are unballanced (e.g. +10 health), but thus are compatible with mods that change them.

It is possible to equip the same effect twice with choker and earrings, but I don't know how the percentages will be calculated. E.g. Talos 2x +20%.




Divine Amulets and Daedric Rings - Upscaled Textures is compatible and just got released.

No Enchantment Restrictions - SKSE No Conflict for more enchantments options.

Automated Leveled List Addition if you'd like to craft or loot them on your journey.

Edited by Mdy
adjusted font size

What's New in Version 1.1


Added non enchanted duplicates. So you can enchant them with whatever you like or buff some underpowered amulets.

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