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  1. SexLab Adventures Items can get stolen when you're sleeping at different spots, each with an own adjustabel chance. But it's affecting your whole inventory if I remember correctly, so if you're "unlucky", something else than armour parts will get stolen. Combat strip or equipment breaking mods like Loot & Degration, The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - Armor Break Equipment Durability System
  2. Without underwear and chubbier
  3. If POP is loaded after IC, then NPCs won't walk around the Gildergreen Tree in Whiterun anymore. I didn't notice anything else yet. In that circle are at least two problems and the NPCs are getting herded together at the bridge to the Companions or further above in the middle of those stairs. I couldn't test if the "fixed" loadorder causes new problems yet.
  4. edit HAPPY NEW YEAR! Had to change my enb for Forgotten City. Superb quest mod, play it! So I'm tweaking Caffeine enb to my liking, which is pretty versatile: less armour and chubby version, but white is too strong in the shots and burning away the skins' texture:
  5. Mdy

    Erotic Armor Tweak

    Would it be possible to create a reduced version then?
  6. Mdy

    Erotic Armor Tweak

    Thanks for the reply! But I didn't understand the most important sentence: "Meaning there is increased arousal from the erotic armor as it is extended Naked" Did you mean it is less, as much or more arousing than being naked? It sounds like it is even more.
  7. Mdy

    Erotic Armor Tweak

    And does it increase the arousal as much as being naked? It would be nice if there would be a more subtle option, too.
  8. Mdy

    Holiday Gift Hairdo

    Hi there, sorry for the late reply and for making you nervous. My head mesh problem isn't connected to your mod. Something else is causing it and I've edited post #2. I just didn't notice it before
  9. Did you try Heavy Armory or True Spears Combat?
  10. Mdy

    Holiday Gift Hairdo

    Lovely quality, thank you for sharing the hairstyles and have a pleasant time Pardon me for reporting bugs immediately, a major one would be forehead-clipping on both sides with a lot of hairstyles sadly, as seen in the screenshot below.
  11. Thanks for sharing your work. Sadly one of the RB202 items is giving me a CTD, too, doesn't matter if I'm installing the full version or not. The MS0005 on the other hand is crotchless with separated pieces and the belly plate is flickering like hell, you can see its moiree slightly on the screenshot. Didn't test the full version.
  12. Mdy

    SexLab Vanilla Voices

    Maybe an backup file from one of my external harddrives? Only 2.8.7 is in my current download folder, so I can't help you right now, @jpee1965
  13. Well you can already break npcs armours with Equipment Durability System, but mostly the common slots of vanilla items - and not a full set of bikini armour.