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  1. What did you want to know exactly - technically? The mod points out my combat lag because I can see and hear when a piece is breaking two seconds after combat. That's mostly when there's a big fight. Maybe I should get a better rig soon and turn off unnoticed mods. Like WetFunctionRedux? Have to read about it, if it's running scripts while being in combat or when leaving it. It's a huge storytelling and kinky boost so far, because I can use SLArousedRedux and other mods in addition. And it works solid otherwise.
  2. I've been venturing into Blackreach to get the Elder Scroll. That took some time. In my inventory were a set of Blades and Wolf bikini. And a lot of sweets (30% poison resistance for 900 sec) to counter all the falmer and chaurus. That went pretty well, expect one two times, when most of my bikini pieces were shattered at the end ... nsfw immediatelly
  3. Some more recent shots
  4. Mdy

    Estrus Chaurus+

    It didn't work on a new game either *sigh* So it's not a problem with EC Spider, but one from my current load order. Idk if I want to spend a whole day at the weekend disabling my mods to find the culprit -.-
  5. Mdy

    Estrus Chaurus+

    The usual Skyrim logs? They are helpful sometimes indeed. You have to enable the logs first in the skyrim.ini, just google it and you'll find it easily. Btw, thanks for giving me the idea to test a new save. I'll try starting a new game and spawn a chaurus tomorrow.
  6. Hi there, I'm searching for a mod that retextures the piles of chaurus eggs called Egg Sacs, as seen in the screenshot below. They're half the size of a man, so the low quality is quit noticeable. I've been googling for egg sacs, chaurus eggs, piles, caves, falmer and so on and couldn't find anything at all. Thanks in advance!
  7. Mdy

    Estrus Chaurus+

    Thanks for the answer @Bane Master. I've been using the Estrus Spider addon and uninstalled it one or two months ago. I think I've rerolled to the point before impregnation, but I guess not to the point it wasn't installed yet.
  8. Mdy

    Estrus Chaurus+

    It seems like the spit isn't triggering anything anymore. Here's a log screenshot http://prntscr.com/kcf5sh. Already tried a different loadorder, script cleaning, cleansaving. Uploaded my log and the log parser html. Papyrus.0.log.html Papyrus.0.log
  9. 1. and 4. https://i.imgur.com/qMZQZcn.png While using Honed Metal, I'm typing in "woLf" (L is my current surrender button) in its crafting menu and the menu comes up. You can also see the "No" / "Yes" in this shot, my windows and Skyrim always asks in the other order: yes / no What about 2. unbinding hotkeys? I don't remember which mcm mods offering that function, but I'll gladly report back if I can find them.
  10. Craftable, buyable (you would have to merge it with your other lootlist mods by yourself, eg with Mator Smash or TES5edit) or as a replacer for the vanilla amulets would be possible, but I've never used the Creation Kit much and to be honest, spawning all of them in a chest is a little bit cheap. Idk if I find the motivation to do it, because I'm renovating an apartment right now. And AddItemMenu is so convenient, in privat I'm fine with only exchanging the items when finding the vanilla amulet.
  11. An Interesting NPC quest (Immortal Coil) sent into a dungeon, with some pretty intense fights. The scripts lagged a bit when I got swarmed by 7 falmer and the breakable bikini armour just got chopped away in a minute.
  12. Mdy

    SO why you guys dont love Female Orc

  13. Hi there, I've got a few smaller annoying things I'd like to point out. While crafting (I'm using Honed Metal) and the SkyUI search function, then the hotkeys are firing when searching for an armour. It would be nice if we could unbind the hotkeys inside the MCM with ESC. Plus what's the PC AI Control Key for? It hasn't got a tooltip and isn't mentioned in the description. Also if the message box for surrendering comes up, the Yes and No are in the wrong order. Cheers!
  14. That are new items and don't replace the vanilla amulets. So you can even wear your favourite necklace with it. They're using slot 45 for the choker and 43 for the earrings btw.