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  1. Well you can already break npcs armours with Equipment Durability System, but mostly the common slots of vanilla items - and not a full set of bikini armour.
  2. @wokking56, have you been in werewolf form while mating and do you use one of the creature children addons? I'm trying to make her nipples more puffy in Photoshop. Left side vanilla Real Girls, Right side my edits for a swollen areola And while trying to get some good facial animations her breasts began leaking milk and the expression went to a slightly surprised look, hahaha ^^
  3. I've added the direct link to mediafire into the description. I do also agree with the name, but I thought using the original name first ("Vanilla Skyrim Choker & Earrings") would be a prim and proper way.
  4. I didn't have a look at it in TES5edit yet, but I guess resetting the special body nif and outfit paths and add the sling as an item. Would be some fairly simple copy and paste if you've figured out the first npc. Oh noes! That's just before Boromir will get shot!
  5. Maybe https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58618 is something you're interested in. Did merge that one with a chubby-males mod several years ago to have some more variety. Interesting, my Nord is a posh one. Always sleep in inns, don't craft a thing, only buy stuff with e.g. Honed Metal. Thanks
  6. Nice comic look with the prepass outline and painterly colours, @Daftlover9103
  7. Me got Males of Skyrim with Veteran Skin on top. Didn't notice any bugs, but am not happy with that lineup either. Veterans' lips are looking pretty ugly on most npcs. As for the ladies I still love Real Girls and am using an old Seren4XX edit from Flickr. Did try to fix the baby sling on her back, which got major clipping and ended up in CTDs -.- But the lighting was good, so I've been experimenting and found some milky BeeingFemale textures and added them as tattoos, too.
  8. I'm a bit uneasy about posting this, 'cause all I see here is sex without consequences. I've even hidden the belly in my last screenshots. But there's a small addition to the Dragonborn family, a daughter! Being in labour *gulp*
  9. Sorry for flooding the topic, guys. If anyone would like to have the birthmark version, I've added Akatosh to the left cheek, too - so he'll always smile at you if your camera in centered on the right side Limitations though: You have to rename it and replace an existing body tattoo for RaceMenu. It's only the alpha layer, so the colours can't be edited yet (Otherwise it's gotten too bright. I've got an idea how to fix it and will have a look at it tomorrow) Thanks to Dovahkiin Branded and the Redux version for inspiration.
  10. ^ superb screenshots Mrs Hats. I've fooled around some more in PS *sigh* After a branding the skin is growing outwards in a pink tone, right? That would be on the left and more realistic for that time I guess. It got highlights inside and shadows falling outwards. That one on the right side looks more like being pushed in, with shadows inside. That's how fur works, branding cows eg? Or maybe like a tattoo or birth mark. Dunno, I somehow like that faded one more, because it looks fitting all the time.
  11. BY AKATOSH! It's time to redo an old RM tattoo while testing "SnowFall Weathers" enb. That's the first test, but I have to enable the colour and the stretching is inverted, it has to get wider outwards. Or I'll leave it on the left bum cheek. Anyway! It's already a win because the jiggling is more noticeable now
  12. I'm enjoying my new rig! And trying to get Grimsever in Mzinchaleft, one of the best Dwemer / Falmer dungeons. Thanks to ASIS there were several centurions in the last cell and it had to end as a misadventure ...
  13. Thanks for replying! I'm only aware of Top and Bottom and am not sure if I'm getting what you mean. Added a screenshot what I would do with my very few experience in dialogues http://prntscr.com/kmuuq8
  14. Hi there, I'd like to edit the main topic "follow me for sex" into "follow me..." or into "follow me, my dear" and replacing the "for sex", which is too straight forward for me. Do I have to install the optional file or can I just rename the 4 topic (follow me / us for top and bottom) in TES5edit?
  15. Lowering it from 40 to 80 did the trick, maybe I'll look at the other mods in TES5edit the next weeks. But only from their name none should abviously edid the cell. Putting the esp towards the end always resulted in a crash when loading an existing save, no matter which one or if I had qasmoked before. edit: Thanks btw