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  1. I hope there's an option to disable Futa content for more realistic playthroughs?
  2. bummer, just went here and wanted to report about rougeshot's mods as well, Wicked Werewolves in particular Wasn't there patches quite some time ago for his mods? been away for a while
  3. Hi there, pardon me for the late reply. If you didn't already open TES5edit and had a look, it's help "choker of" and help "earrings of". But because I didn't use the console for items anymore, I also didn't notice that the enchanted items got the same names as non-enchanted ones. I highly recommend the mod additemmenu, where you can see the enchanted effects immediately.
  4. I thought I'd report it, so that not every single person would have to fix it by themselves. Should I ask the original author if we could upload a fixed torso mesh?
  5. Hey, it's been a few days when I've tested it. I think there's something wrong with the outfit: When I'm facing a fire, then the front will be dark. When I'm facing the shadow, the front will glow in the dark. It should be the other way around.
  6. Ah fuq, that's addicting. where's that music from?
  7. woops, pardon me ^^ About the load order: No sir. Your mod got the end of my installation order and load order, see the screenshots: MNC: https://prnt.sc/qk6pc9 Your mod: https://prnt.sc/qk6pnv
  8. Thanks, I've already done or known that steps (and really appreciate your effort, well done!) buuut I've found the issue! Your files won't be used. I had to copy the texture into ...\ModOrganizer 2\mods\SexLab MoreNastyCritters v12.1\textures\actors\character\werewolf Here are clip with Creature Frameworks' MCM settings. Btw, Creature Feature is now included in MNC. If you wish you could update your instructions/requirements, e.g.: ・CF - Creature Framework (also included in More Nasty Critters)
  9. Hi there, I've installed the options (SexLab) Werewolves: "SexLab Werewolves (Ep1cL...+Erundil)" Compatible Skeleton: "None" Body Mesh Type: "Basic" Female Werewolf: "Werewolves by Erundil" (already selected and greyed out) I can use the MCM menu and its functions and had a test run. But I wanted another colour for the female werewolves and edited the FemaleWerewolfBody.dds. Now ingame it is still the same colour and the female werewolves doesn't have pink genitalia. https://prnt.sc/qiwexo (left side dds, right side ingame) Your mods installation file and esp are loaded last in MO2. I didn't notice strange things in TES5edit: https://prnt.sc/qiwj59 https://prnt.sc/qiwjjy and have to install nifskope first before I can check the mesh. But it would be nice if you can point me to a direction.
  10. Would it be possible to damage or break items when transforming into a Vampire, Werebear or Werewolf? I've got no idea how those bikini straps could possibly hold and would give forced transformations like in Growl some additional thrill 🤤
  11. Automated Leveled List Addition might help as well
  12. woah, that's way too loud. But what song is it? (removed you clip, putting it in a spoiler was way too much fiddling)
  13. I didn't use it and am not sure anymore if it worked when I had a try with the feature, @Mez558.
  14. I'm just switching from "The Amazing World of Bikini Armor - Armor Break" to your mod. It's got speech-debuffs the more armour pieces are missing. Do you guys know a mod with a similar feature?
  15. *eyes glittering with joy* more ways to throw away Septims with a new enchantment?! Other than that 'needle and thread' + reduced max durability sounds amazing. I like Lupine's greedy and logic suggestions ^^ And thanks for the update!
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