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  1. Mdy

    Sybils and Sirens

    Oh wow, just fantastic! must've been lots of work
  2. Mdy

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Egg n Breakfast :E Oh gosh, where did you find such an detailed dong?
  3. Hi, I've got underground magic runes, too. Without having hdt highheels installed. And without Devious Devices installed the MCM tooltip says that DD was detected. I guess that's on purpose to make things easier? Other than that the trap setting takes a long time and sometimes ends up right under my feet.
  4. Hi, just downloaded your mod for the first time, using the uunp file. Bodyslide is giving me an error for one of the nifs: http://prntscr.com/jk63tx
  5. A reasonable request. tbh, I'm always doing that for myself in a short amount of time if I'm liking the armour. Siegmeyer, may I ask for a conversion of the Warfare Armour or LB Dark Queen Outfit?
  6. Mdy

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    enb - anko(customized)
  7. Worked perfectly, thanks a lot!
  8. Hi, sorry for asking, but I've been modding all day and my brain is fried. I've been trying to mod Meeko and other dogs into a timber husky with this mods' textures (but without the esp): https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55069 My edits: Dogs Into Huskies.rar No matter what I'm doing, the skin changes from the timber to a white husky skin when the SL animations start. Any tips what I am missing? Cheers!
  9. Mdy

    Sexlab Adventures

    I can enable guards as aggressors, but a rather logic setting or condition is missing: Guards or citizen will only rape (blackmail?) with bounties in their hold.
  10. Mdy

    Sexlab Adventures

    Would it be possible to limit stealing, eg only steal ArmorCuirass items? Sadly the bikini armours don't have special keywords, however Adrianne won't mind crafting new panties every few days. And about the masturbation feature, what about aiming at a follower while hitting the button and he/she'll masturbate, instead of the player? (Serial Stripper is using that methode to strip followers)
  11. Mdy

    Sexlab Adventures

    I've bound most of the unused keys to two numblock buttons. There's fireworks when hitting one accidentally, hehe D: Which of your mods with the K-key got the highest priority then? I might have 2 stripping keys (using SerialStripper for my follower and SL Adv for myself before swimming) and 3 Surrender mods I think. I wanted to try Familiar Faces for ages, always had a small fear about bugs. You're satisfied with it? As for pics, I'd like to. But this is a mods' thread. What about creating a LL blog, post all of your ideas there and simply link them here? That's the least intrusive way. About pics&stories/inspiration, what I like the most of the possibilities with this mod right now, are the reversed bounties: I'm a lorefriendly player and am running around with protective armours only. But the Imperial-WhiteCordDominion is forcing the Stormcloaks or diplomatic people like our hero to walk naked in their territory, as part of their humilation against the native people. So I'm either forced walking around in topless iron bikini or getting Prison Overhaul bounties the most lorefriendly way, HURRAY! And my non-consensual/damsell in distress and risky/impreg fetishes are getting lots of love <3
  12. Mdy

    Sexlab Adventures

    Hi, I've got some suggestions and requests, if you don't mind. Would it be possible to adjust the amount of taxes or the time for new ones? It would be nice if the masturbation button or any other key won't be triggered while using the console. And like seen in SexLab Arouse Redux, could the button for masturbation or other accidentally annoying things like unequipping_all only be triggered when holding the key for 2-3 seconds? I've got True Storms installed and the thunderstorm is really dark and loud. What a perfect time for an assault D: Cheers
  13. Mdy


    Is there another way to fix the sunken or deflated upper belly after installing BF? Two years ago I've edited the MyBodyIsNotJello xmls with JFF to push the bone(s) a bit forward, I think. I'm using Zeroed Naturalistic UUNP meshes or All-In-One HDT and XPME 3.94 right now.
  14. Mdy

    Sexlab Adventures

    Wait, it only locks what I can see? There's 0 at a lot of bounty option by default, so when checking "Hardcore mode" it's actually an easymode.
  15. Mdy

    Sexlab Adventures

    Hi there, that's a fantastic amount of option in your mod! If I might ask, what exactly does the hardcore mode do, do I have to set several values before activating it? eg the bounties are shown as 0 in the menu before and after enabling the hardcore mode.