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Immersive Lactation v0.4 WIP 0.4


About This File

Short description
It adds lactation and milking to the game, that's all.


Requirement mods
BNB Body with clothes/outfits OR Equal body type(with outfits) that supports a breast bones
NVSE v5 or higher
JIP LN NVSE v53 or higher

MCM aka The Mod Configuration Menu


Compatible with

Bodymorph (switches breast scaling stuff to Bodymorph)

Sexout Pregnancy


Description/How it works

(Don't forget to enable the Lactation system in the mcm)


First you need to play with yourself a bit to initiate the milk growth into your breasts, and after, for every one teasing or milking (at least once per every 12 in-game hours) the milk amount will be increasingly growth. 


If talk technically, for every 12 hours you can get +0.2 to milk growth multiplier per every tease, or +0.3 per every milking. This milk growth multiplier can be increased up to Maximum amount of the breast size(check the MCM)


If you already have tease/milk yourself, you need to continuously repeat this event(at least once per 48 hours) or the milk growth multiplier will start to decrease up to the end of the lactation process at all.


And yes, don't need to tease/milk yourself much, it'll not help to increase the milk growth before as the some time has passed


*Sexout Pregnancy support*
If your char is pregnant, the Lactation will increase your milk growth multiplier in dependency on the pregnancy type and the current percentage of the pregnancy(check the mcm)

Insects(ant, scorpion, etc) - +1x
Medium creatures(i.e. gecko, nightstalker and canines) - +2x
Any kind of child(human, ghoul, mutant, etc) - +3x
Bovine and artiodactyl (brahmin, bighorner) - +4x
Deathclaw - +5x


When the Lactating process is started, at every refresh interval (1 hour by default), it will start to add some amount of milk, that will be multiplied by the milk multiplier. But don't worry if you sleep or wait to much, as it will check the difference between the passed time and the time that was needed for the refresh event, and give you all the milk for the skipped hours.


Breast scale
Breast scale depends on how much milk you have. (It means that if you set the max milk amount in the mcm to for example 1000ml, you will easily gets the biggest size of breasts.)


You can't milk yourself if you don't have enough milk in your breasts, also you can't milk yourself if you didn't tease yourself good enough. Than much you playing with yourself or milking, then more milk you can get per one time milking.


Storing milk into the bottle
All milk that you'll get from milking, will be automatically stored into the bottle(check the Aid tab in pipboy).
Current maximum amount of milk that can be stored is 5L(5000ml), all that milk that will be stored after overfilling will be lost forever.
When does lactation stop?
If you will ignore yourself for a long time, the lactation will stop, all milk in your breast will be lost except of that amount that currently in the bottle.



Unpack the archive with all stuff to 'Data' folder (that places inside the game folder)

Or through the any mod manager you want


Known bugs

Technically nothing, but as I'm so lazy to test everything, some bugs still can be somewhere nearby.


beck11 for the too old already milking animation
AJ for Bodymorph, and some breast scaling stuff

Halstrom for SOPregnancy, SCR


This mods is free to take, edit, expanding and all this stuff, just notify me first about it.

If you'll be want to post it somewhere else, don't forget to put me in the credits then.

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