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Latex Cameo Dresses 1.0.0 with bodyslide

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About This File

8 Lovely Latex Dresses and Jackets in

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Pink, Red and Yellow
for females only, Sorry guys... lol


These outfits are made using the tanning rack but you have to make the Latex on any
tanning rack using leather. also upgradable.


Body type CBBE Slim but should work on CBBE aswell. ( I wont be converting to other body types sorry )


*note..  body slide added. also in idle position hands will clip through the dress this is normal, if you don't like it i suggest you add HDT to the dress*




Thehunteroftruth for testing this mod "clipping on the front of the skirt will happen with vanilla animations"

hylysi for the heel sound version (and smaller archive)

killroyklown17 for the UUNP Bodyslide (NIO+HeelsSound)


This mod is exclusive to LoversLab only... please do not upload or repack to any other site, Links to this mod is ok. Thank you

What's New in Version 1.0.0 with bodyslide


The original version that must be crafted in the tanning rack


NIO+HeelsSound UUNP Bodyslide by killroyklown17

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