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UUNP firekeeper dress, just the dress and foot wraps.

The new textures are almost the same but much better.


What's New in Version 2.2



Tweaked out.

Manual paste over install.

Re-run bodyslide to suit your setup and go..

I dialed in the textures and the bodyslide lighting properties.

The meshes are shaped to my unpb variant preset and I shaved a little off the hips but that's for me.

Shape it whatever way works for you.

A zap is included to remove the necklace.

I tried to test under as many lighting scenarios as I could to be able to strike a balance but it's not easy with semi-transparent alpha textures.

It's full HDT so read the requirements.

Most of you have NiO and or HDT heels so the footwraps shouldn't be a problem.


Jastia in the screenshot is a rescued damsel from Sexybanditcaptives. Not exactly.. She got a makeover too..


No point in keeping the older clutter. You won't need the alt textures. The latest is included and the layered resource is already in the textures\firekeeper folder for you to edit if you want. A refined version of my preset is included in it's correct path for convenience and the prebuilt meshes are updated as well using the preset. Same as before with a trimmed down butt and thighs on the big end.


I put a lot of time into my femalebody texture set. They're a blend of Fairskin, Layenda and Elegant-Beauty. I keep them simple at 2K with no compression.

They work really well in 4K resolution and don't use too much VRAM at 16kb.

Let me know if you want them.


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