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Stop! Hammer! Time!


While modding a custom companion I was often in or around Sanctuary. The settlers constantly hammering away at the houses, never ever actually improving them, was making me go crazy. Sometimes while chatting with an NPC... Sturges comes stands next to you and starts his F#$#$ing hammering... so I put a stop to it. I went into Sanctuary and took away all the 'Hammer around the house' activators from the map.


Only works for players that do not run other Sanctuary mods.

Otherwise, this mod changes nothing.


If you get glitches in the map, move StopHammerTime.esp to the top of your load order, so your other mods will have a higher priority.

There are other mods that do this as well, but often they are more invasive.

This only changes Sanctuary, not the animation or sounds itself.


Quiet Vertibirds!

Lowers the volume in turrets and vertibirds AND CATS, by adjusting the SoundOutputModel configuration.

What's New in Version 1.0.0


- Stop Hammer Time esp

Takes out Hammers from Sanctuary


- QuietVertibirds.esp

Lowers the Vertibirds volume in the SoundOutputModel for vertibirds.

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