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Dragongodmod's Oddities Pack


*WARNING*This pack includes sexually explicit content. Just leave if you're not interested.*WARNING*


Extremely large dildos converted into crossbows. Was bored, had an idea.






-Soulgem Oven III-



-1 RED Canine crossbow

-1 PURPLE Equine crossbow

-1 new bolt type



Everything is craftable under the GLASS category.

To make sure your crafting menus aren't cluttered, I made them only visible if you are carrying a material.

Crossbows visible with the Troll Fat ingredient.

Bolts visible with any type of bottled semen from the Soulgem Oven III mod.




Please do not re-upload this anywhere else.

Please do not take anything of mine and say it is your own.



So I guess at this point, ENJOY :grin:

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