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  1. I've recently run into an odd issue where my character's ass scale keeps increasing and decreasing rapidly. Every 5-10 seconds it will grow then shrink back down, and grow again, etc. Anyone know of a fix or workaround?
  2. It should if you use the correct base body. Usually CBBE bases, whether it's CBBE or 3BBB, have the same basic shape. Normally only differ in the possible sliders available.
  3. You would have to remake each armor file with the CBBE 3BBB body as the base reference (with Outfit Studio). Currently, the Remodeled Armor uses the basic CBBE body as a reference.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of tat slots available? I've tried increasing the settings in the nioverride.ini file above 12 but they don't seem to go any higher in the MCM.
  5. Yes that would be the easiest thing, but the problem is those slots (38 and 34) are used by other gear in my mod, and i was hoping to not have to override them with just the body. EDIT: Nvm I figured it out.
  6. Is there a way to change this to how it was in LE? And if so, how?
  7. Anyone working on Equipable Stockings for CBBE yet? Just curious
  8. I hope it's not too much to ask but I have 2 requests. One is Jenna Presley (aka Brittni Ruiz) The other is a character I have yet to perfect. Wood Elf. Artistic freedom with one exception: no anime-like eyes. I have a good bodies built I just need nice heads. Please and thank you Hexiest.
  9. I can definitely see this being a large-scale project, but what if after creating all this, you make it a transformation project. Somewhat like Being a Cow, but using the new Transformation System released recently. It would be fascinating to watch my character slowly transform into a hybrid. Just an idea.
  10. Will there be some type of compatibility fix for this bug? Also I get this same bug with the internal anal model. Is there possibly a way to disable only the anal physics while keeping the split heavy smp?
  11. I don't quite understand why it works like this, but it does... Thank you. But why does it not work when I set CosioHD as the reference? That's how I have always done it.
  12. I updated to the most recent version and I'm getting a bit of trouble with making outfits in BodySlide/Outfit Studio. I finish setting up the outfit using the CosioHD as a reference shape in Outfit Studio, but as soon as I go to build the low/high weights, I see this in the previews. I don't know what's happening but this only started happening after I upgraded from 5.5.
  13. AWESOME!!! Will there also be a LE version? (For those not ready to move up...)
  14. It may be a little more work but I think you'll get it working for you in no time.
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