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First and for most:


I did not created the awesome Mod that is "Radiant Prostitution" that was all some guy name "mainfct".

So all the Credit and Praise goes to him.

If you really appreciate his work click here and tell him how awesome he is.

As he is currently inactive i just took up the sword and raped his code so that it work with SexLab 1.30+.


I now maintain the Mod under the Name "Radiant Prostitution Tweaked". The mod is standalone so no need to install Radiant Prostitution first.


It work from where Radiant Prostitution left of. I added more Random Quest and tweaked the normal Prostitution inside the inn.


The mod has, to my knowledge, only two possible conflict points.

  1. Hroki, the girl in Falkreth was tag as a child in vanilla minecraft but RP changes her to a adult because she clearly is not child
  2. The tavern Wench Outfit got another Keyword "JobWhore" to trigger Prostitution of your fellow wrenches. It therefore conflicts with SOS Full Version but "dachande" provided a patch for that. As for Mesh or Texture replacers they are no problem as they only change the look but not the item. If you want other items to trigger the prostitution you just simply need to add the Keyword per TES5Edit to the item.



The Tweaked Version is completely Standalone so no other version of Radiant Prostitution is needed.

Please us the version without the loose suffix first and if you have problems with the normal version try the loose one and see if the problems still persist.


Version 1.07d is the last version compatible with SexLab 1.39

As of Version 1.07e Radiant Prostitution is compatible with SexLab 1.5+



-SexLab 1.50 or newer and its deps.

-Enabled creature Animations or some quest wont work

-SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha (its alpha but as far as i could see stable)

-SkyUI 4.0 or newer for MCM

-Fuz Ro Do'h for correct behavior with silent dialogues

- ZaZ-Animation-Pack

or see http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/218-wip-radiant-prostitution-081b-oct-29th/



Sex Lab nude Creatures

Zynisch Animations


Translated Versions:



If you already use a older Version of Radiant Prostitution check mainfct's page for update information to 0.81b. as my version is essentially 0.81b with fucked up code.

If only updating tweaked Version then make sure that no quest (Inn, Home Delivery, Camp Job or Random Quest) is currently running.


Update from pre-1.02a:

  1. Unzip into skyrim folder or use MO, nexus mod manager, etc.
  2. Use "MF_RadiantProstitution remove loose files.bat" inside the skyrim folder.
  3. This will make a backup of your scripts folder and removes all files starting with "mf_", "qf_mf" or "sf_mf_".

If shit goes wrong and mod stop working you know where to find the missing files. Please enable logging and trace in the skyrim.ini check the papyros.log which scripts are missing before you pull the copy from the backup folder.


Update from pre-1.03 requires new game or a save game where you did not yet register with a inn keeper.


How to Change the starting Clothes:


Now new and Improved so read this if you did add your own cloths.

Go to "Skyrim\Data" and open the file "MF_RP_Config.json" with a text editor of your choice.

Inside you will find something like this:

{    "startCloths": {        "rest" : [            "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD1921"        ],        "chestPiece": "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD191F"    }}

This is the config for the starting Clothes you get from the first inn keeper. they Point to the Vanilla Tavern Wench clothes and some leather boots. The "chestPiece" property needs to contain the armor or chest piece so it gets recognized by the Working Cloths function. The "rest" property contains the remainder of the items you get. the items need to be separeted with a comma and would look like this:

{    "startCloths": {        "rest" : [            "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD1921",            "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD1922"        ],        "chestPiece": "__formData|Skyrim.esm|0xD191F"    }}

So what do you need to do now?


That's is quit easy:


Just chage the value after the colon like this "__formData|<PluginFileName.extension>|0x<ID>".

<PluginFileName.extension> is the name of the plugin file that adds the item.

<ID> is the Form ID which you can find per the help console command or through TES5Edit or the Creation Kit.


Want to add your own Random Quest to RP?


Look here.

Current Bugs i don't know how to fix:




PopUp Message appears that says stuff about SKSE 1.7 and Rescanning even though SKSE 1.7 is installed but rescanning still yields 0 registered Quests



If you use Wyre Bash or similar tools to install your mods check if there is a folder called "MF_RP_Quests" in skyrim\data if not then you have your problem. That folder contains the config files for the quests copy it out of the RP archive or check if there is a option to "install additional folders" i think it is called.



I Installed a custom Random Quest mod but i never gets started



Open the MCM Menu go to Quest Setting and hit the "Check for new Quests" option.

Leave the menu and watch the top left corner of your screen for notifications. There you will see which quest file are found and how many quests where added.


So the new skse supernovas my game on launch is there anything that can fix it?



Probably incompatible with one or more of the SKSE plugins you are running. Check to make sure you have the latest versions of each of those and if so try running the game without them one at a time until you find the problem one. Then talk to it's author about the problem.


Brought to you by E_Nigma and WaxenFigure


Female NPC wearing the Tavern Cloths are not whoring themselves out:



Apparently SOS Fullversion modifies the Tavern wench out fit but a use of this mod named "dachande" was so kind to provide a merge mod. You find the Radiant-SchlongsPatch.esp in the download section.



Random CTD



Well not really my problem but Skyrim being stupid. But the guys over at enbdev have fixed your problem for you.

Visit this site and follow the description word for word: http://enbdev.com/ctdfix2.html


But here is a really short version of it:

As you need SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha anyway all you need to do is to create a File name "skse.ini" in the folder "Skyrim\Data\skse" with the following Content content:

[Memory]DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB= 768ScrapHeapSizeMB= 256

If your Skyrim crashes when loading the main menu try to reduce theses number somewhat.

i use this and never hat a CTD or infinite loading screen ever since.


Also try to use the ENBoost. Go and install enb from here then go to nexus and download the ENBoost config.

THe config is a zip containing multiple config files for different GPUs and VRam. Also if you use SKSE Plugins like "OneTweak", used for frameless fullscreen window, you need to remove them as ENB is doing the same and is incompatible.


Apparently Tavern Wench Cloths and Sanctified Amulet of Dibella no longer makes NPC Prostitute themselves



None. As i did not touch it it should still work. Confirmed by mainfct himself.

If you use SOS Full version download the Radiant-SchlongsPatch.esp from the download page and load it after RP and SOS. That will merge the change SOS and RP did to the tavern wench cloths


Bug? Not Really but annoying:

Error Message that animations are blacklisted.



There seams to be a problem on your end. Please check which animations should have been used in the papyrus log.

Search for a part that look like this:

[01/05/2014 - 09:09:12PM] --- SexLab Animation Search ------------------------------[01/05/2014 - 09:09:12PM]  GetByTags(2, ["MF", "oral", "Aggressive"], [], TRUE)[01/05/2014 - 09:09:12PM]    Found [2] Animations: Zyn Rough Standing, AP Skull Fuck, [01/05/2014 - 09:09:12PM] ----------------------------------------------------------

If it says Found [0] please check this site for the tags an enable them.



Version History:



Version 1.08b:

  • StableQuest: Fix Listening for Wrong Event
  • FoodQuest: Fix infinite Loop on Retry Order
  • General: Force Update to MCM Page names

Version 1.08a:

  • Camp Job:now the Dialog Conditions no longer rely on the Quest Stage but use a internal stage variable. Should fix problems with non visible dialogue
  • Changed Config for starting cloths to support more then 2 items.

Version 1.08:

  • Replaced Food Job with new and improved Version
  • -Randomized Selection of fines Foods available. Depenting on you installed mod there can be some wierd orders (Salt Pile, Sack of Flour, bottle of milk)
  • -You no longer fail the Job enterly if you fuck up the order. Just return to your inn keeper and order more food but beware the gust will only pay for what he ordered and wont be happy if you deliver the wrong food.
  • -Chance to maximize you gold earnings at the end of the quest.
  • Added User Logging to Companion Quests to see if the events are triggered right
  • Add Missing Shutdown Stage to Fan Quest
  • Add Monitoring Function if you dont give your inn keeper enough money after the Inn Job and Food Job, currently no consequences but they will be there one day

Version 1.07g:

  • Fix Location Change Check on Inn Job

Version 1.07f:

  • Fix Reset Function in MCM Menu
  • Update to JContainer 0.66
  • Implement new FoodQuest for can only be started per console "startquest mf_FoodJob"
  • Add Logging to Quest start Method

Version 1.07ec:

  • Fix missing Dialogue Condition on CampJob Abort
  • Fix Copy&Past error on starting HomeJobs which caused them to be treated like CampJobs

Version 1.07eb:

  • Giant Sacrifice : Fix missing clean up at the end of the quest
  • Giant Sacrifice : Use Framework Innkeeper Ref

Version 1.07ea:

  • Replace Deprecated Check for creature animations
  • Giant Sacrifice : Fix missing Stage Check on Money Collection

Version 1.07e:

  • Improved Randomness of Quests starts
  • Implemented missing Abort Dialog
  • Made SexLab 1.5 Compatible
  • OrcJob: Only Starts in holds with a orc camp
  • OrcJob: Fix Radius on Wait AI package
  • Added Message Box if there are now valid Quests found.

Version 1.07d:

  • Reduces change of competition home delivery quest starting
  • competition home delivery quest uses repeated scene from MCM config
  • Fix missing shut down stage in home delivery quest.

Version 1.07c:

  • Fixed a bug where one less quest as possible was considered for starting, Cause only one home delivery quest to start.
  • Rebuild all scripts again to fix "pure virtual function call" error message

Version 1.07b:

  • Random Jobs:Fixed Dialog Conditions that showed Abort Dialog instead of Finish Dialog
  • Home Jobs: Fix Dialog Conditions that showed Abort and Finish Dialog at the same time

Version 1.07a:

  • Fixed a Major Flaw in the Way Quests are started

Version 1.07:

  • Update JContainer to 0.64
  • Stable Quest: does no longer start if the hostler is dead
  • Added new Quest
  • CampJobs and HomeJobs Check Preconditions before starting
  • Modding: Added SetMadame Method. Used to Force the Madam into a Alias

Version 1.06b:

  • Inn Job: Fix a bug that broke passive solicitation after the first client

Version 1.06a:

  • CampJob: Coworker NPC now has the right name
  • Random Quest now check Preconditions like enable Creature Animations befor tring to start
  • Implemented Lists for Military and Home Delivery Quest.
  • Quests to be added must extend MF_RandomQuest and must implement the getRank Function (1 = Home Delivery, 2 = Military, >2 = Random Quest)
  • GetExtraReward from MF_RandomQuest is now depricated and should not be used. It still there for legacy support for older RP Quests
  • Add Proptery akMadame to RandomQuest. It gets set before the quest gets started and contains the actor that is your Madame or Pimp
  • Russian Localization by Fint_ru
  • Now longer forcing already working Prostitute into the CampJob Coworker Role
  • Add new Config to enable Bed Search

Version 1.06:

  • Updated Bundled JContainers to 0.63 (Improves Perfomance on saving)
  • Change format of Starter Cloth Config
  • Implemented Method to add your own Random Quest conflict free

Version 1.05g:

  • Orc Job: improved notification when enough orc gathered
  • Get Stuff back: Implemented moneyless way of payment
  • Camp Job: User Nearby Prostitutes as Coworker (Use with care if your follower wears the amulet or the tavern wench outfit)
  • Camp Job: Fix Coworker won bet even when she didnt have a client

Version 1.05f:

  • Orc Camp Quest: Improved Orc Chief Wait AI Package
  • Orc Camp Quest: It is now possible to have as many green dick as you want
  • Orc Camp Quest: Added some Male orc because some Camps are in dire need of them
  • Orc Camp Quest: Improved LocationChange Script so The hunters don't catch you on the way to the mine that belongs to the camp

Version 1.05e:

  • StableQuest: on bucket fillchance calculation cap creation Sexlab stat to 20 so result does not overflow
  • Inn Quest: Fixed Restrict to inn keeper town. Used Wrong Keyword and also forgot a negation
  • No more empty equiped clots option in MCM if naked
  • Updated JContainers to 0.62

Version 1.05d:

  • Re-added Bounty on leave city
  • No more moving mannequins
  • Add Localization for MCM Menu, currently only English and German rest is defaults to English
  • Re-balance Earned Money on Inn Job by making the Inn keepers share % based
  • Add Custom Starting Cloths(write how To)
  • Add custom working cloths
  • Bards no longer Valid Customer on Inn Job
  • Rank up now Triggers on Job End not Job Start
  • Required SKSE 1.7.0 Alpha
  • Repackage JContainers
  • No more Aggressive animation on FF Oral to avoid strap on usage

Version 1.05c:

  • Fix Coworker Scene on CampJob
  • Change Giant Quest alias and the way random quest start so it should not fail to start
  • Add Farmhand on Giant Quest to GiantFaction
  • Add AI Package to Farm hand so he approaches the player
  • Something else i forgot

Version 1.05b

  • Add the new Random Quest to the list of available quests. For real this time
  • Fix Dialog Conditions on Stable Quest
  • Fix Missing Script on instantly declining Stable Quest

Version 1.05a

  • Add the new Random Quest to the list of available quests

Version 1.05

  • Fix Branch in Stable Quest that did not end the quest
  • Add new Random Quest

Version 1.04a:

  • Add missing script file
  • Add logging for Hit Detector for a random quest

Version 1.04:

  • Enable Bed Search
  • Rape on Delcine v2: current customer not next.
  • Random Amount of repetions should be a bit more random
  • Fixed Player reference is empty
  • Extra Reward for Orc Job
  • New Random Quests
  • You should now be able to enter the orc longhouses while on the orc job quest

Version 1.03c EXPERIMENTAL:

  • Improve MCM Help Texts
  • You should now get some Cloths on the start of your carrier
  • Orc chief should, hopefully, now waiting at the Center of the camp
  • remove stripping
  • now a animation always gets played
  • only female prostitutes now

Version 1.03b:

  • Script error on "get your stuff back" Quest
  • No more Multiple Scenes when you proposed something else
  • You now can decide to either pause the Food Job for one customer or quit it completely.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes thanks to ImmortalOne

Version 1.03aa:

  • Fix Animation Search on MM Scenarios

Version 1.03aa:

  • Passive Solicitation now again uses scan interval from MCM
  • Added Config to MCM for:
  • - Rape Play Payment Modifier
  • - Max. Number of additional Scenes in multi scene event
  • - Gold bonus per additional Scene
  • Satisfaction Effect once again applied to Clients after decline(120sec) or payment (300sec)
  • Player and Client only strip once on multi scene event
  • Tried to fix dead dialog branches

Version 1.03:

  • Reimplemented passive solicitation (unfortunately requires a new game to work, you can try clean save but it did not work for me)
  • Fix some Dialog line in Gay scenarios
  • Fix Dialog line for Random Quest triggering when activation line conditions are not met
  • Fixed Prostitution start from Food Quest

Version 1.02e:

  • Fixed display bug for solicitation mode in the MCM menu
  • Add extra search for animation on FFF Home Service Quest

Version 1.02d:

  • Again tried to fix passive solicitation, it should as least no longer break active solicitation
  • Fixed player controls not active after scene
  • Toned Down payment for multi-scene customers
  • As of this version SexLab 1.30+ is required

Version 1.02c:

  • Fixed dead dialog branch on FF Vaginal (Inn)
  • Fixed wrong order of Actors on FF Rough forplay
  • Fixed not getting payment on new game (Damn you SexLab for only Supporting one custom event)
  • Fixed some typos

Version 1.02b:

  • Hopefully fixed Passive Solicitation. Still recommend setting it to both. as sometimes client get stuck in animation and dont aproch you
  • Extreme Demands follow extreme action. But don't worry you get paid per shot.

Version 1.02a:

  • Finally a bsa file. no more loose scripts !
  • and some other stuff i totally forgot

Version 1.02:

  • Remove suppression Tags on animation search
  • Female PC can know take Male Position on FF (Inn quest)
  • Declining Customers can lead to a rude Experience
  • Added Foreplay to some animations
  • Added more Female Customer Dialog branches (Inn Quest)
  • Added more Dialog to Inn Quest Customers (Les, Gay, Beast and some more extreme demands/comments)
  • Change Suggest Dialog so that the Text reflects what it does.
  • Followers should no longer Sandbox while you work with them
  • Added missing Map marker to Home Delivery Quest

Version 1.01:

  • Add missing file to Tweaked BSA Version. Sry guys.

Version 1:

  • Fix HomeDelivery, Fan and Orc Quest with a "unlook" loop (Bugfixed and Tweak Version)
  • Created tweaked Version

  1. Now while working in and around an inn you can now encounter "Rude Customer" which use the aggressive Animations
  2. While performing a Home Delivery and the Client has a Guest, each customer will evaluate your skills personally before advancing to the second part
  3. The Fan now has one more Friend and now will really have there fun with you
  4. To Appease the Orcs you now need to work a lot harder.



What's New in Version 1.08b


  • StableQuest: Fix Listening for Wrong Event
  • FoodQuest: Fix infinite Loop on Retry Order
  • General: Force Update to MCM Page names