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Adds a variety of STDs as active effects to Skyrim using SexLab.


This is a mod to add an element of danger and realism to your sexual encounters within Skyrim.

Having sex now carries the risk of getting an STD that will be applied to your character as an active effect. There are quite a lot of different STDs that you can get, and each race has two STDs that you can only get from sex with members of that race. This mod includes real-life STDs, like Chlamydia, that can be caught from anyone, and also ones that I've made up to try and suit Skyrim's lore, such as 'Cuttirke' - an STD you can catch from Nords. If you'd like to suggest names that could replace the real-life STDs, please do! I'm awful at making up names that sound Skyrim-ish.


Ok, what effect do STDs have?

STDs lower your stats. You can lose Magicka, Stamina, Health, Strength (melee damage) or any combination of those 4.

Additionally, having an STD always gives the following two negative effects:

  • "Embarrassment" -- Lowers your speech stat. As a neat side-effect, this also means that your chances of getting further sex though many different mods is decreased because a lot of mods base your ability to convince NPCs to have sex with you on your speech skill.
  • "Infected" -- Lowers your health and stamina regen. Being infected therefore slows how quickly you can become healthy again after a battle.

So what happens if I get an STD?

You'll need to cure it! Generic cure disease potions will not cure your STDs, so you're going to need to buy or craft a specific curing potion for the STD that you got. These potions are not always successful in curing your STDs, so you'll need to make sure you can afford to buy or craft enough to actually cure your diseases.


All right, how do I protect myself from getting an STD?

Condoms, of course! This mod adds 5 condoms to the game that are made of different materials based on what condoms have been made with throughout history. The least effective condom is the Intestine condom, which is of course made from an animals intestine, and the most effective condom is the latex condom. Because Skyrim doesn't contain any latex (not by default, at least...) I've had to improvise on the crafting recipe. If you can improve it, let me know!


But where will I find condoms and cures?

Cures are created in a cooking pot and require one cure disease potion, plus one other ingredient, which varies on the type of STD you caught. The ingredients required are nearly all common foods, such as bread. But a couple of diseases have slightly more difficult requirements, like bear claws. All cures are created two at a time.


Condoms are created at the tanning rack. They require one leather strip, and one other material. You create 3 condoms at a time.


The way you set the mod up sucks! I want to change it!

You're in luck! My biggest pet-peeve with mods is when I can't make them work how I want them to. Fortunately, that's not a problem with SexLab STDs. Nearly everything in this mod is configurable! Basically the only thing you can't change is how effective each type of condom is.


How do I install/update/remove this mod?

Install the mod by moving the three files in the *.rar to <SteamApps>Skyrim\Data and then activating the *.esp using the Launcher, or your favourite mod manager.


From v1.3 onwards, you should be able to update the mod simply by overwriting the old files with the new ones, and letting the mod update itself. Because I've never coded an auto-updater before, there is a chance this won't work. If that's the case (first, I'm sorry!) then follow the instructions below for performing a clean save.


To remove the mod, use the uninstall option in the MCM and follow the instructions.


I want to mod this mod!

That's awesome. If you want to make any changes to the *.esp, then feel free. All I ask is for credit as the original author, and that you keep using the original logo.

If you want access to the source code... you need to wait a little while. I'm fine with sharing it, but I want to clean it up and make it readable before I make it public.

Known bugs/issues:

  • The MCM menu doesn't always get added to your game automatically. If it hasn't been installed within a minute or so of you loading your game, open the config menu of some other mod (SexLab, SoS, etc.) and it should force SexLab STDs to install its menu.
  • Rape is stupidly difficult to detect reliably. As such, you might get "raped" when you are having totally consensual sex. All I can advise is to manually remove any STDs you get from this happening. I'm still trying to make rape detection that actually works.

Features I still want to add:

  • Actual models for condoms in the menu. (If you are a modeler who wants a simple and probably quite quick project, let me know!)
  • No STD risk for having sex with your spouse or follower. Increased STD risk from sex with beggars, etc.

What's new in v1.3a?

  • Updated scripts to work with SexLab v1.39.
  • Added proper detection to creature animations.
  • No longer checks for condom breakage if you aren't using one.
  • No changes to the *.esp; simply install over the top of the old version and it should auto-update the scripts.

What's new in v1.3? (This one's big! Heh...) [NOTE: You may need a clean save for this update! If features fail, do a clean save!]

  • Note: The filesize is much smaller for this version. That's normal! I removed the merchant, so there are no custom meshes and textures needed now.
  • Player is now reliably detected every time! NPC/NPC sex will not trigger condom use or STD spread for the player.
  • Merchant removed; players now craft their own Condoms and Cures, or find them on bandits and in general goods stores.
  • Condoms are crafted with leather strips and an item that makes sense at a tanning rack. E.g. 1x Leather Strip and 1x Linen Wrapping for 3 linen condoms.
  • Cures are crafted with a cure disease potion and an ingredient of some sort. You create them at cooking pots.
  • Added a chance for NPCs to have and use their own condoms. The Dragonborn isn't the only one who likes to be safe...
  • Added random comments from NPCs when the player has an STD. Sometimes they'll be concerned, other times... not so much.
  • Improved sex detection. The script reliably picks up on the type of sex now (e.g. anal, vaginal, boobjob...).
  • Added configuration for STD spread. You can now choose which sex acts transfer diseases. By default, handjobs and boobjobs are safe.
  • Additionally, added the ability to override STD risk for lesbian sex. If you want, you can make F/F sex with a strap-on completely safe.
  • Added a very small chance for condoms to break during sex. This feature can be disabled.
  • Improved logging. The mod now logs to the console and can be checked at any time.
  • Added update support for the MCM menu. I'm hoping that future versions of SexLab STDs can be installed over the old ones and auto-updated by the mod itself.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY edited the effects STDs have on the player's character. Getting an STD is no longer a death sentence.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY re-balanced prices of both condoms and cures. You'll probably want to craft most of your stuff - but now purchasing isn't prohibitively expensive.
  • And, of course, plenty of miscellaneous bug fixes and code changes that are too boring to mention here.


  • Better PC detection. STILL F*CKING BUGGY >.<
  • NPCs can get ill from having sex with infected players. (Take that, rapists!)
  • Configurable prices for the condoms. SKSE is required for this feature.
  • Better Mod Configuration Menu.
  • Uninstall option implemented.
  • A ton of bugfixes and other improvements.

What's new in v1.11?

  • Detects whether the player is involved or not, and disables STD spread and condom use if they're not. BUGGY.
  • Female players are now presented with a choice to back out of sex if the NPC refuses to wear a condom.
  • Male players are now given the choice of using a condom or not (for example, you may choose not to use one for oral sex as it carries a much lower STD risk).
  • Rapists won't use condoms any more.

How to perform a clean save:

  • Load your old save normally.
  • Remove any condoms, potions or active STDs (cheat if you need to).
  • Enter this console command: stopquest sexlabstds
  • OR: If you're using v1.2 or later, use the Uninstall option of the MCM, and ignore the previous two steps.
  • Save the game, and then quit.
  • Uninstall the old version of SexLab STDs (remove the *.esp from your load order).
  • Load the save you just made (ignore the missing item message), then immediately save and quit.
  • Install the latest version of SexLab STDs. (I recommend Nexus Mod Manager).
  • Load your save again. You should get a message telling you SexLab STDs is installed.

If the Mod Configuration Menu doesn't appear or doesn't update:

  • Open the menu of some other mod (SexLab, for instance). Wait 1 minute and see if the menu installs.
  • OR: Enter this console command: setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1 and wait for your menus to refresh.

Thank you for looking at my mod.

If you love or hate it, want to suggest features, or have a bug to report, please get in touch!


If you do download this mod, please remember that this is my first ever attempt at Skyrim modding, and some unexpected bugs are likely to pop up. The script shouldn't effect your savegame in any way and so uninstalling should be simple if you decide it isn't for you or if it won't work for some reason I can't predict.

What's New in Version 1.3a


  • Updated scripts to work with SexLab v1.39
  • Added proper detection to creature animations.
  • No longer checks for condom breakage if you aren't using one.

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