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I noticed that the default male nudesuit in the SexLab framework was not properly texturized: as seen in the screenshot, the penis had a plain skin color and the vanilla bikini texture was visible. I don't know if it happens to everyone or I did something wrong, but I tried to fix it and when I found out that no matter where you told the .nif files to load the textures from, they looked for the vanilla ones, I fixed it by simply installing 4uDIK1's body replacer. Then, seeing the options that came in 4uDIK1's file, I thought: why not make variants of the nudesuit for all tastes?



Default SexLab nudesuit:





To the point: what is this?

A compendium of male nudesuit variants. I simply took 4uDIK1's files and gave them file structure and names so they would replace both the default body and SexLab's nudesuit.



IMPORTANT: Except the two hairless ones, all variants REQUIRE the .esp provided separately. Without it, you will see a black space instead of pubic and armpit hair.

It can be merged with the Bashed Patch, so don't worry about the mod limit.




Bodies will have the characteristics of the chosen option when naked and, when engaged in sex, the SexLab nudesuit will be replaced with an erect mesh with the same textures as the option you chose. Nude variants show a flaccid penis that can also be seen from below in underwear variants.

There are 10 combinations available:


· No body hair - Underwear




· No body hair - Nude




· Less hair - No armpit hair - Underwear




· Less hair - No armpit hair - Nude




· Less hair - Armpit hair - Underwear




· Less hair - Armpit hair - Nude




· More hair - No armpit hair - Underwear




· More hair - No armpit hair - Nude




· More hair - Armpit hair - Underwear




· More hair - Armpit hair - Nude







· There is a more-or-less noticeable seam at neck and wrists. It came with the textures and it's not something I know how to fix.

· There is some clipping at the back of the underwear. Again, this came with the original meshes and I don't know how to fix it.




This will replace your current body model and textures.

If you are happy with your current body replacer or you use another method of handling erections during sex (like SoS), you probably don't want this mod.




Just copy to the Data folder or use NMM.




Ashal - SexLab Framework

4uDIK1 - All meshes and textures used here.



To do:

· Add the .esp file to each variant.

· Find out how to do one of these all-in-one NMM installers with the fancy checkboxes and stuff.

· Maybe add variants like "only pubic hair" and others.

What's New in Version v02


  • Added an .esp file to handle pubic and armpit hair textures. It is NEEDED by all variants except the hairless-ones.

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