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  1. I don't know how I never found this in all the hours I spent googling. If it works as advertised, this pretty much covers all I was missing from the game. May all the gods bless you forever. Worry not, and thanks for thinking about it!
  2. Thanks, guys! I knew about Skinny Dipping, but my problem with it was that the stash was dropped, so using it to cross a river was nonsense because I'd have to leave my stuff behind. But with Multisack or similars I think I could just do it manually! Which leaves me with just one request for Feliks: would it be possible from a scripting perspective to sink in water with heavy armor and all that stuff I mentioned?
  3. There are two kinds of mods I've always wanted. Please tell me if they sound plausible: A swim revamp. Things like sinking when swimming with heavy armor on, and then having to walk through the bottom; or being severely slowed by leather, and so on. A mod that reduces your carrying capacity to 0 (not counting equipped armor/weapons), so you become dependent on your backpack(s) and pouches, which in turn (here is the tricky part) can store items independently of the built-in inventory. I think this would complement well the swimming mod when crossing rivers and such. Also, thanks for this thre
  4. I'm not sure if it was that one or Commander Keen. I don't have fond memories of Prince of Persia since I didn't even know how to play it right and never advanced much.
  5. Pleasant to have around Pleasant to look at (no unrealistic expectations here; just pleasant) Common interests
  6. Gwelda set That was skimpier than I expected, but still love the cloak. Thank you!
  7. Sup! I've been wondering if something like these exist: · A mod that reduces all your carrying capacity to 0, except for your current armor and weapon, so you become dependant on backpacks and things like Bandolier. · A mod to sink you when trying to swim in heavy armor or overencumbered.
  8. This is the only thing I can say on the topic. My 2TB Seagate has been working flawlessly for quite some time.
  9. Oh! I already knew Osare's, but the screenshot made me think it was something else. Thanks!
  10. Now I'm looking for these two armors, guys. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am neither new nor a lurker, but I felt like saying "hi" again. Hi.
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