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[Modder's Resource] Sex Voices Sorted 1.0

About This File

What these are:
Three sets of female sex voices (two taken from Lovers with PK and one from Nusbie's pack) sorted into folders. Numbered folders are grouped by perceived intensity, there's a folder for orgasm sounds, and one for pain/rape sounds.

What's the point?
I've always felt the Med-Mild-Hot system for voices was a little weak, so, in Oblivion and Fallout New Vegas, I'd created sound mods (for personal use) that would allow for a little more gradation, allowing for a more gradual/controlled shift when going "from 0 to 60," so to speak. That meant finding voice packs that worked with the system, and sorting the files into appropriate categories.

Since the idea was touched on in the SexLab Separate Orgasm thread, I thought I would save folks the trouble of having to sort the files themselves and upload the three that I made. Consider it an example, or a resource for making a more detailed sex voice system. To the best of my knowledge (it's been a while), nothing is really new in this pack, other than how the files are organized.