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About This File

No changes have been made to the mod. I only updated the description to reflect the fact that there will be no more changes and no new content. Please don't download this thinking that there is a new version, because there isn't one.


So. In order to recruit the Sassy Teen Girls, how many loading screens does it take? One to get into Jorvasskar. One more to get into Jorvasskar basement. Yet another to get beck into Jorvasskar once the player has as many of the girls as he wants to recruit. Still, it takes one more to out of Jorvasskar. It takes four. Four loading screens just to recruit a few followers. That doesn't even include the loading screen that it takes to get out of Whiterun.


Well, I got tired of it. Vera and Miki are in the pavillion around back of Jorvasskar, and Heidi is at the Skyforge. You're welcome. Sorry I got a bit cranky. Call me Calcelmo.

What's New in Version Final


  • Initial release. Definitely final.

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