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Fox 42 - 46 - CBBE - HDT - BodySlide - Zaps by Fox 1.0

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Fox 42 - 46 - CBBE - HDT - BodySlide - Zaps by Fox




This is a body conversion of the UNP body for CBBE body.


* BodySlide for All Set.
* No Restriction - Daedric Rating.
* Fox 46 Pack: 3x Cuirass - Shin Guards - Bracelets - Circlet.
* Fox 42 Pack: 2x Clothes - Hat - Bracelets - 3x Boots.




This armor began very easy, but in the course of the conversion gave a work of the hells. It has a very delicate and compressed structure then move from the UNP body to the CBBE without destroying the bone structure is very complicated, it took me a day to convert practically a single armor. What I can say is that it became formidable and you're sure to like it! I tested with lots of animations it was perfect and the hat is compatible with many models of hairstyles. All rights reserved for fox6000. Have fun guys!


Where to find?

Found in Riverwood - Riverwood Trader.

Inside a bag to the left next to the barrels that are below the stairs.


Required Mods


The Body


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition - CBBE - by Ousnius Jeir and Caliente


BodySlide and Outfit Studio


BodySlide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente


The Skeleton


XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama


It is extremely important that you use a skeleton to make the body look better and smoother curves, already I recommend this skeleton. If you do not use this or another skeleton I can not guarantee the functionality of this mod or a body similar to the pictures, because the design of the meshes were made through this skeleton.


HDT Physics Extension


HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT


BodySlide Outfit 2

Check if all the mod's are properly installed including optional files from BodySlide Outfit 2.

Racemenu Morphs for CBBE.

Pre-built CBBE HDT + Morphs or Pre-build CBBE + Morphs.

Open BodySlide Outfit.

Load armor through the group.

Select the "Build Morphs".

Press the "Batch Build".

Select all parts of the armor and press "Build".

All Right!


Video by Kshahdoo/TornFlesh


Vídeo by Skajrim


Installation Tips: Read only if you are experiencing difficulties and need help with the installation process.

Complete installation of all mod's: Not necessarily in that order at some points, but following that way you will not have problems.

1. [body] Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition.


2. [bodySlide] BodySlide and Outfit Studio 2.
* [install the Plugin] RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp. "If you are a RaceMenu user and disable this plugin of the Load Order if you are having problems with meshes, textures, sliders, CTD's or other possible issues, anyway this plugin only activates the sliders inside the Racemenu in game, even if you disable it you can use BodySlide out of the game. More information in the spoiler below".
* [Choose the Option] Pre-built CBBE HDT + Morphs or Pre-built CBBE + Morphs.


My armor/body are stretching in all directions!



This is a possible problem of incompatibility between mod's and settings. Initially I observe between Racemenu and BodySlide Outfit. I'm not literally saying that the mod is broken or something, but there is a mismatch if you do not use the "Build Morphs" option. Seems to be related to armors that utilize zap sliders be it active or hidden does not matter.


BodySlide Outfit 2 - Configuration:


Open BodySlide Outfit.
Load armor through the group.
Select the "Build Morphs".
Press the "Batch Build".
Select all parts of the armor and press "Build".
All Right!


Problems with Textures.


Every time I load the game my body/armor does not carry the textures.


Ok, as I mentioned before it is a problem of incompatibility between mod's, most precisely in the use of zap sliders and non-use of the build morphs. So for now, there is no definitive solution until someone update the plugin. To resolve this problem just disable the "RacemenumorphsCBBE.esp". By the way you still have the "BodySlide Outfit 2" that can be used more safely out of the game.



3. [Physics] HDT Physics Extensions.


4. [Resources] Fores New Idles - FNIS. "Do not forget to generate the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after installation of the respective mods that require it".
4.1. [Resources] NetImmerse Override.


5. [skeleton] Realistic Ragdolls and Force.
5.1. [skeleton] * XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama "Choose during the installation process the correct option "Enhanced Character Edit & Racemenu" if you are using this combination.


6. [Enhanced Character Edit] * I recommend putting in the last place of the Load Order.
Load Order for better compatibility and stability.
EnhancedCharacter Edit.esp
DualSheath Redux Patch.esp "This is only an example you do not need that last".


7. [RaceMenu] * RaceMenuPlugin.esp This other plugin exclusive of the mod Racemenu is safer and I do not recommend disabling, otherwise you can not use your custom sliders, height, bicep size, breast size, breast curve size and glute size. In fact you can adjust the height of your character by command "player.setscale X and the others sliders through the BodySlide".


RaceMenu & Enhanced Character Edit
"Here's a good tip for you"



First of all make a backup of your save game, because these two mod's use scripts that can corrupt your save game, so make a backup. Performed the backup you can try this procedure.


To combine the Racemenu with Enhanced Character Edit, maybe this is not 100% possible, indeed, but there is a solution that I put into practice and it worked for me at least. You can migrate your character of the ECE for RaceMenu, but this process will only be for one character, because the saving via ECE slot is not compatible with the RaceMenu, but then you will use the saving via preset in the RaceMenu.


First of all you should be with RaceMenu uninstalled completely, another important factor that should be highlighted is that if you decide to perform this procedure in the middle of the game, probably your save game will be corrupted and you can not save more causing CTD's or Ugly Faces. At least for me I can not uninstall RaceMenu with ECE installed and continue to save my game without CTD's in the Save Games or Ugly Faces. As I said before these two mod's use scripts and DLL's files that can impact your game depending on how you install or uninstall it.


So this procedure is extremely recommendable to do on new game. So you install Enhanced Character Edit, create your character and then save the game. Get out of the game, install RaceMenu, enters the game and now you can save your character in a preset via RaceMenu.


Do not try to copy the ECE slots directly, because there is a significant difference in the size of the files and after attempting to use in the Racemenu interface will fail.


Obs. I recommend that Racemenu is in loose files and I believe the last updated version 3.4.5 is not in this format so for that reason if you are receiving the error message "Invalid RaceMenuBase script version detected" you may need to extract the RaceMenu.bsa files and update with an optional version found on the same mod page.


LooseBase Scripts v.3.1.0
Extract the files of the v.3.4.5 and replaces the necessary files from v.3.1.0. Compress it and use the Nexus Mod Manager for easy installation.



Tips: Racemenu & ECE saves the Preset, but does not save the settings and it is necessary to load the Preset in the Racemenu every time I load my game.


Obs. Ok everything working perfectly, except that for some reason I started to notice that my Racemenu is not saving my settings and every time I load my game or I die I need to open the Racemenu and reload my preset.
This is probably a problem of incompatibility between Racemenu and ECE, in fact the two mod's are not 100% compatible.


Two Solutions I've found so far:


1. You load your preset every time.


2. Recommended. The solution I found was to return to using only ECE along with XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended XPMSE, because the plugin of this mod provides sliders like height, legtobodyproportion and also sliders like repositioning of weapons, bows, quivers etc. All can be found in the "Body" tab.


Conclusion: So why use Racemenu? Well, Racemenu still has many advantages like a unique interface, many sliders, adjustable camera, etc.


I hope this can help you to solve some doubts.


Technical Information about Presets.

Sometimes you ask yourself?
Why in some cases some armors are different from the naked CBBE body even using the same preset?
"This only happens when the armor goes through a conversion process where there is a certain change in the final body structure".


So why?
"Some armors have many details and a high number of vertices overall and sometimes it is necessary/recommendable to edit a bit to the body structure".


"This does not affect the quality of the final conversion.".


"This does not prevent you from creating a custom preset that will come very close to your CBBE Curvy preset for example".



Special Thanks/Credits
Fox6000 & Psychomachina for the original mod.
Ousnius Jeir and Caliente for the BodySlide Outfit 2.
HydrogensaysHDT for the HDT Physics.
XP32 for the skeleton reference.
Bethesda for the game.
Loverslab to host the files.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • * CBBE + HDT.
  • * BodySlide for All Set.
  • * No Restriction - Daedric Rating.
  • * Fox 46 Pack: 3x Cuirass - Shin Guards - Bracelets - Circlet.
  • * Fox 42 Pack: 2x Clothes - Hat - Bracelets - 3x Boots.

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