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Immersive First Person View - SexLab Special 1.5

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About This File

Immersive First Person View


~ SexLab Special ~


< By XenoDrake >





~ Description ~


This is a configuration file for Immersive First Person View by meh321. It's purpose is to provide better immersion for a SexLab style playthrough, especially if you're a fan of Devious Devices. Even if you don't use DD mods though, you can benefit from this because it provides a way better experience in SexLab scenes than the original IFPV mod's configuration provides.




meh321 redid the plugin from scratch rather than port it. All of the functions are not implemented yet. Please be patient while meh321 finishes work on the plugin. Thank you.

~ Requirements ~


After some testing and reports from users, using other Field of View (FOV) settings doesn't seem to affect IFPV's results. I have tested 0.65 and 0.85 with no issues, and FoV 120 for VR has been reported to look fine (albeit nauseating because Skyrim). If you are having issues please post your mod lists using ModWat.ch. That would be handy so I can know what may be causing conflicts, and can add requirements/recommended mods NOT to use. I did not make IFPV, so incompatibilities need to be reported there, but I will do what I can to sort the issue out first.

~ Compatibility ~


Immersive First Person View is incompatible with Enhanced Camera. You will run into camera problems if you choose to use that with IFPV and my configuration.


Secondly, while FoV settings do not matter as reported by users, if you are using Face to Face Conversation mod by towawot and you are using a VR headset at FoV 120, the camera will zoom in far too close to the person you are looking at when you talk to someone.


As such, if you are using a VR headset with a FoV of 120, I advise against using Face to Face Conversation.


As an ending statement, Face to Face Conversation shouldn't be problematic unless you have extremely high FoV values, such as 120.

~ Recommendations ~


This configuration does not require any Devious Devices mods, but it will make them much more intriguing with the camera changes. I have tested a wide variety of devices, including but not limited to Shout Like a Virgin devices, most Devious Devices gags and blindfolds, and ZaZ devices. If using Devious Devices mods, I recommend making sure you have Devious Device Integration (which you already should anyways), and using its MCM options to enable any blindfold mode OTHER than the 2 DD Blindfold options. If you use one of those options, and you are in first person mode at any time it will cover your screen and destroy my efforts to this config. If you want to see the blindfolds I have provided a hotkey to force the SexLab Special scene view at any time with Numpad 6. You can go back to normal view by pressing the hotkey again (changed in 1.3).


I also recommend Immersive First Person Combat Items Fix. This has been reported to help certain equipment to show properly in first person.

~ In Detail (Features) ~

  • Fully documented config file to aid in changing values yourself to fit your needs.
  • When outside SexLab scenes, camera has been pushed forward to give a feel of looking through the eyes of the player and not from the inside of the skull. This aids those who like looking down at cleavage.
  • When in SexLab scenes, abnormal camera movements are prevented, giving more immersion. This includes turning off IFPV's autoturn feature only in the SexLab scenes. IFPV's first person features are fully enabled globally, including autoturn, so those that like more realistic camera movements outside of SexLab scenes can keep those.
  • Clipping issues are fixed as much as possible. When looking down, even when not in a SexLab scene, cleavage should not clip anymore. I have tested this with a wide variety of armors including TERA armor sets, vanilla armors, Catsuits (probably the toughest to get looking right), and of course naked with hugeass boobs. Also, when aiming with a bow, clipping of your arm and the arrow should no longer occur. (bow fix added in 1.3)
  • A hotkey (Numpad 6) was added to allow forcing SexLab Special's SexLab scene view globally, for those that want to see their blindfolds and gags when walking and running. To reset back to normal view just press the hotkey again (changed in 1.3). I have not messed with the global clipping in the IFPV config because I find it nice to be able to get around normally without having to deal with blindfolds and gags from Devious Devices mods blocking my entire view. Devious Devices Integration provides a way to have alternate forms of sight-blinding that don't involve blackouts, so I recommend AGAINST using the DD Blindfold options in the Devious Devices MCM if you don't want that to conflict with my settings in this config.
  • Headtracking is a FOMOD option (added in 1.1.X). It can provide a VERY immersive feel to Skyrim. I highly recommend checking it out.
  • FOMOD option to enforce First Person view at all times (added in 1.3)
  • FOMOD option to choose what camera type Skyrim defaults to on load (added in 1.3? SexLab Special or default IFPV view. You can always toggle it in-game to the other option if you like. This is personal preference. Choose what you use most often when in first person.
  • Enable/disable headbobbing with a FOMOD option (added in 1.4? Now integrated into the Recommended presets! No more nauseating head bobbing if you wish. Granted, it is more immersive to keep the headbobbing, so do try it by delving into the customization options. :)



; Comments start with ; or # character on a new line, these lines are ignored; See the read-me at http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49036/? or in; downloaded mod archive for documentation on how to configure; This configuration has been modified by XenoDrake to provide better support for SexLab scenes,; especially when using Devious Devices.; All edits by XenoDrake have "; XD:" comments to indicate changes and why they were made.; Keycode IDs:; https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx; numpad 8 reloads, uncomment to bind numpad9 to toggle view and numpad 7 to attach camera on crosshair target!bindkey 0x68 0 "ReloadIFPV"; XD: Enabled the ToggleIFPV and AttachIFPV bindings.!bindkey 0x69 0 "ToggleIFPV"!bindkey 0x67 0 "AttachIFPV";!bindkey2 0x65 0 "ToggleHeadTrack";!bindkey 0x63 0 "ToggleHead"!bindkey 0x64 0 "ToggleHelmetCamOn"; XD: Added Numpad 6 hotkey to toggle SexLab first person profile at any time.!bindkey 0x66 0 "UnforceSLProfile"; Uncomment these two to allow free looking while numpad 6 is held (character doesn't turn to crosshair);!bindkey2 0x66 0 "TurnFreeLookOn";!bindkey2 -0x66 0 "TurnFreeLookOff"; Camera position offsets from eyes center in game units. If you are using beast race then scroll down for offsets.!set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0!set fPositionOffsetVertical 0; XD: Changed global Offset Position offset to 6 instead of the original 3.; XD: This places the camera further forward during normal play to create a sense of looking through the eyes of the player,; XD: instead of inside the skull. Mainly changed to prevent any cleavage clipping with normal clip settings in normal nearclip; XD: ... Skyrim ini recommended of 0.65 - the default of Skyrim.!set fPositionOffsetDepth 6; How much rotation is applied from head. 1 means camera direction equals head rotation, 0 means camera direction; equals look direction. 0.5 would be the middle.!set fRotationFromHead 0; Restrict view angle so you can't look yourself in the eye.!set fRestrictAngleHorizontal 110!set fRestrictAngleVertical 100; set both false if you don't want to overwrite vanilla FP, you could instead use then custom keybind!set bZoomIntoIFPV true!set bToggleIntoIFPV true; Set true to allow head tracking crosshair in third person view.!set bHeadtrack false; Some internal values. Ignore these.!set fExtraRotationFromCamera 0!set fUpdateProfileInterval 0.2!set fTweenLength 0.2!set iDebug 0!set bEnabled true!set bActivated false!set iUnused1 0!set iUnused2 0!set iUnused3 0; XD: Set this to 1 to force SexLab Special first person view by default.; XD: Make sure you change the bindkey setting up at the top of the config to bind to "UnforceSLProfile" if you do, however.!set iUnused6 1!set iFaceCrosshair 0!set bHideHead false!set bHideHelmet false!set bArrowCamera false!set iIgnoreWorldCollision 0; Profiles are selected from top to bottom, whichever first satisfies all conditions; Profiles without any conditions are never selected but can be entered through command or keybind; Profiles that use "skip" command are not selected automatically; Profiles that use "disable" command are not loaded; Normal profiles[ToggleIFPV]; this profile will not be selected automatically because there are no conditions, but it was bound to key; XD: The below 2 lines, when enabled, will make the previous statement false, because we are now forcing this profile to activate any time IFPV is not active.; XD: Thus, first person view will always be active regardless of what is being done. You still have to turn on SexLab Special view when you want to, however.; XD: Thanks to IronDusk33 for this idea. It will make for a more immersive playthrough.; XD: It can fix bugs with certain people having issues with loading saves having the camera being behind the head.;(bIsInIFPV!=true);(bIsActive!=true); XD: The below line is optionally placed to disable this "always first person" profile while sitting.;(bSitting!=true)+GoThirdPerson+modifynooverride bActivated true[ReloadIFPV]+reload[AttachIFPV]; Attach camera to crosshair target so you can see through their eyes, you don't gain control of them+AttachCamera[TurnFreeLookOn]+setnooverride iUnused1 1[TurnFreeLookOff]+setnooverride iUnused1 0[ToggleHeadTrack]+modifynooverride bHeadtrack true[ToggleHead]+modifynooverride bHidehead true[ToggleHelmetCamOn]; XD: As of 1.3, it is now recommended to have HelmetCam turned on automatically when weapons are drawn, as this fixes bow aiming with my config.; XD: MANY Shoutouts to IronDusk33 for this idea. Because of his input, making bow aiming work properly with SexLab Special is now possible!(bWeaponOut==true); XD: Enable this next line to enforce HelmetCam in first person view ONLY when forcing the SexLab Special view.(iUnused6==1)+setnooverride iUnused3 1-bindkey 0x64 0 "ToggleHelmetCamOff"[ToggleHelmetCamOff]; XD: Toggles HelmetCam off when weapons are sheathed/disarmed.; XD: Shoutouts to IronDusk33 for the idea to auto-enable HelmetCam.(bWeaponOut==false); XD: Enable this next line to enforce HelmetCam in first person view ONLY when forcing the SexLab Special view.(iUnused6==1)+setnooverride iUnused3 0-bindkey 0x64 0 "ToggleHelmetCamOn"; XD: This was added for being able to force SL view at any time. Use Numpad 6 to activate. Originally implemented when trying out Riding Styles,; XD: ... but ended up being useful in general to enable seeing gag's and/or blindfolds during playthrough if you wish. In normal play these are clipped out so you can somewhat see,; XD: ... as a lot of Devious Device gags and blindfolds will make it impossible to play, albeit some people may find it kinky, so it's your choice.; XD: To reset the view, just reload IFPV with Numpad 8. See the SLProfile further below for details on what these do.; XD: Update 1.3: No longer using my code for ForcedSLProfile as of 1.3. It is here if you want it though.;[ForcedSLProfile];+set fRotationFromHead 1;+set fExtraRotationFromCamera 1;+set fRestrictAngleHorizontal 70;+set fRestrictAngleVertical 50;+set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0;+set fPositionOffsetVertical 0.5;+set fPositionOffsetDepth 0.2;+set bHeadtrack true;+set fNearClip 0.001; XD: Newly designed ForcedSLProfile by Kenny567. HUGE thanks to them, you can now toggle Forced SexLab view on and off with Numperpad 6. =D; XD: Now you don't have to reload IFPV every time you want to disable the feature.; XD: Kenny567 paved the way for a complete redesign of the config. Because of Kenny567 and IronDusk33, I am able to make bow aiming work properly with my config.; XD: Thanks so much, you two![ForceSLProfile]+setnooverride iUnused6 1-bindkey 0x66 0 "UnforceSLProfile"[UnforceSLProfile]+setnooverride iUnused6 0-bindkey 0x66 0 "ForceSLProfile"{ForcedSLProfile}; XD: The next line prevents SL Forced profile being enforced in third person. Fixes headtracking and mountain flickering from occuring in 3rd person.(bIsActive)(iUnused6==1); XD: I took the liberty of making a small edit to Kenny567's code.; XD: This line disables Forced SL profile when HelmetCam is on, to prevent bow aiming to be practically impossible.; XD: This only works if you actually go INTO HelmetCam, though, so it is recommended to have HelmetCam turn on automatically when weapons are drawn. (Thanks to IronDusk33 for that)(iUnused3!=1); XD: Disabling the next four lines removes headbobbing in SexLab Special view. This headbobbing can be nausiating for some people, but is immersive for others. Personal preference.;+set fRotationFromHead 1;-return fRotationFromHead;+set fExtraRotationFromCamera 1;-return fExtraRotationFromCamera+set fRestrictAngleHorizontal 70+set fRestrictAngleVertical 50-return fRestrictAngleHorizontal-return fRestrictAngleVertical+set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0+set fPositionOffsetVertical 0.5+set fPositionOffsetDepth 0.2-return fPositionOffsetHorizontal-return fPositionOffsetVertical-return fPositionOffsetDepth+set bHeadtrack true-return bHeadtrack+set fNearClip 0.001-return fNearClip{ArrowCam}(bIsActive==true)(bIsCameraOnArrow==true)+set fNearClip 5+set fRotationFromHead 0.991+set fPositionOffsetDepth 8+set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0+set fPositionOffsetVertical 3+set fRestrictAngleHorizontal 180+set fRestrictAngleVertical 180+set fExtraRotationFromCamera 0.95+set fTimescale 0.2+set iIgnoreWorldCollision 1-return fRotationFromHead-return fPositionOffsetDepth-return fPositionOffsetHorizontal-return fPositionOffsetVertical-return fTimescale-return iIgnoreWorldCollision-return fRestrictAngleHorizontal-return fRestrictAngleVertical-return fExtraRotationFromCamera-return fNearClip{SLProfile}(bIsActive==true)(Keyword&SexLabActive)+set fRotationFromHead 1-return fRotationFromHead+set fExtraRotationFromCamera 1-return fExtraRotationFromCamera; XD: setting fRestrictAngle's Horizontal and Vertical prevents the camera from being turned abnormally during SL scenes.; XD: This is set so you can't do an unnatural 180 degree turn to look behind yourself, or look to far above or below.; XD: Takes a bit getting used to, but it provides a more immersive experience.; XD: If you're interested in adjusting this, think of the number as a cone in front of you. 0-70, 0 being the far-left and 70 being the far-right.; XD: The angle can be set farther than 360, but then it messes with your brain. 180 is fully left and right.+set fRestrictAngleHorizontal 70+set fRestrictAngleVertical 50-return fRestrictAngleHorizontal-return fRestrictAngleVertical; XD: These Position Offsets I have thoroughly tested to get the most natural feel while wearing various gags and blindfolds from Devious Devices,; XD: ...as well as viewing cleavage with various armors and DD harnesses/corsets/catsuits.; XD: If you feel like adjusting these, think of the number as a value that forces the camera position on different axis.; XD: Positive numbers go forward, upward, or right depending on which value you're setting. Negative numbers go backward, downward, or left.; XD: To give an example of with what I've set here. I've left horizontal position at the default of 0, right down the middle.; XD: I've set the depth of the camera to go forward a bit to meet closer with the eyes.; XD: I've set the height of the camera to be a little higher than the default to aid help with gag views.; XD: You won't see a difference from the normal change without something covering your face as it is very minimal.+set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0+set fPositionOffsetVertical 0.5+set fPositionOffsetDepth 0.2-return fPositionOffsetHorizontal-return fPositionOffsetVertical-return fPositionOffsetDepth+set bHeadtrack true-return bHeadtrack; XD: NearClip in original config was 1. Changing this to 0.001 prevents boobs, arms, and Devious Devices from clipping during SexLab scenes.+set fNearClip 0.001-return fNearClip; Used in the toggle free look hotkey.{FreeLook}(iUnused1==1)+set iFaceCrosshair -1-return iFaceCrosshair; Disable IFPV during VATS.{Cinematic3rdPersonCam}(iCameraState==2)+set bActivated false-return bActivated{AllowLookDuringKillmove}(bKillMove==true)(bIsActive==true)+set fExtraRotationMouse 1.3-return fExtraRotationMouse; This profile has been found to cause problems. So it's disabled.disable; This is for furniture used during crafting.{CraftingFurniture}(iUnused2==1)(bIsActive==true)+set fRotationFromHead 1-return fRotationFromHead+set bHeadtrack false-return bHeadtrack+set fNearClip 4-return fNearClip; These are used to trigger crafting furniture profile. This might not work on non-english localized Skyrim!{AlchemyFurniture}(sFurniture&alchemy)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{EnchantingFurniture}(sFurniture&enchanter)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{ForgeFurniture}(sFurniture&forge)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{CookingFurniture}(sFurniture&cooking)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{GrindstoneFurniture}(sFurniture&grind)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{SmelterFurniture}(sFurniture&smelter)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{SkinningFurniture}(sFurniture&tanning)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{WorkbenchFurniture}(sFurniture&workbench)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2{AnvilFurniture}(sFurniture&anvil)+set iUnused2 1-return iUnused2; Turns character when you reach certain angle in free look mode, disabled by default{LeftTurn}; XD: Disable autoturn while weapons are drawn. Kudos to IronDusk33 for thinking of this.(bWeaponOut==true); XD: Added some comments to provide more options for camera autoturn limits; 1.2217 rad = 70 deg; 1.39626 rad = 80 deg; 1.5708 rad = 90 deg(fCameraViewOffsetHorizontal<-1.2217)(bMounted==false); XD: Disable autoturn when SexLab scenes are active. Prevents turning the player during a scene.; XD: Having turning on is necessary globally so that the full IFPV First Person will auto-turn the player instead of locking the camera at certain angles.(Keyword~SexLabActive)(bIsActive==true)+set iFaceCrosshair 2-return iFaceCrosshair; Remove the line "disable" to enable auto-turn character when looking left past certain degree;disable; Turns character when you reach certain angle in free look mode, disabled by default{RightTurn}; XD: Disable autoturn when weapons are drawn. Kudos to IronDusk33 for thinking of this.(bWeaponOut==true)(fCameraViewOffsetHorizontal>1.2217)(bMounted==false); XD: Disable autoturn when SexLab scenes are active. Prevents turning the player during a scene.; XD: Having turning on is necessary globally so that the full IFPV First Person will auto-turn the player instead of locking the camera at certain angles.(Keyword~SexLabActive)(bIsActive==true)+set iFaceCrosshair 2-return iFaceCrosshair; Remove the line "disable" to enable auto-turn character when looking right past certain degree;disable; Change camera position a bit during vampire lord{VampireLord}(bVampireLord==true)(bIsActive==true)+set fPositionOffsetDepth 10-return fPositionOffsetDepth; Change camera position a bit during werewolf{WerewolfForm}(bWereWolf==true)(bIsActive==true)+set fPositionOffsetDepth 10-return fPositionOffsetDepth{Mounting}(bMounting==true)(bIsActive==true)+set fNearClip 3-return fNearClip{Dismounting}(bDismounting==true)(bIsActive==true)+set fNearClip 3-return fNearClip{CombatInVanillaFirstPerson}(bWeaponOut==true)(bIsActive==true)+GoFirstPerson-GoThirdPerson; Remove the "disable" on next line to make all combat in vanilla first person view.disable{SittingChange}(iCameraState==5)(bIsActive==true)+set bHeadtrack false-return bHeadtrack+set fRotationFromHead 1-return fRotationFromHead{CraftingChange}(iCameraState==8)(bIsActive==true)+set bHeadtrack false-return bHeadtrack+set fRotationFromHead 1-return fRotationFromHead{TransitionCam}(iCameraState==6)(bIsActive==true)+set bHeadtrack false-return bHeadtrack+set fRotationFromHead 1-return fRotationFromHead{BleedoutCam}(iCameraState==11)(bIsActive==true)+set bHeadtrack false-return bHeadtrack+set fRotationFromHead 1-return fRotationFromHead{BowAimingInVanillaFirstPerson}(bAimBow==true)(bIsActive==true)+GoFirstPerson-GoThirdPerson; Remove "disable" to automatically switch to vanilla FP during bow aimdisable; Bow aiming profile. Disable head tracking because it will mess up everything.{BowAiming}(bAimBow==true)(bIsActive==true)+set bHeadtrack false-return bHeadtrack; XD: Added these two NearClip lines to prevent arrows and hands from clipping when aiming with a bow in first person.+set fNearClip 1.0-return fNearClip+set fRotationFromHead 0-return fRotationFromHead; Mounted horse profile, restrict camera angle a bit more.{Mounted}(bMounted==true)(bIsActive==true)+set fRestrictAngleHorizontal 70+set fRestrictAngleVertical 50-return fRestrictAngleHorizontal-return fRestrictAngleVertical; Profile for if user has enabled helmet cam (see their hat).{HelmetCam}(iUnused3==1)(bIsActive==true)+set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0+set fPositionOffsetVertical -1+set fPositionOffsetDepth -5+set fNearClip 1.0+set bHideHead true+set bHideHelmet false-return fPositionOffsetHorizontal-return fPositionOffsetVertical-return fPositionOffsetDepth-return fNearClip-return bHideHead-return bHideHelmet; Beast race offsets for khajiit. Move camera forward and up a bit.{BeastRaceKhajiit}(sRace&khajiit)(bIsInIFPV==true)+set fPositionOffsetDepth 5-return fPositionOffsetDepth+set fPositionOffsetVertical 1-return fPositionOffsetVertical; This profile is not necessary since head can be hidden reliably.disable; Beast race offsets for argonian. Move camera forward and up a bit.{BeastRaceArgonian}(sRace&argonia)(bIsInIFPV==true)+set fPositionOffsetDepth 5-return fPositionOffsetDepth+set fPositionOffsetVertical 1-return fPositionOffsetVertical; This profile is not necessary since head can be hidden reliably.disable; Automatically adjust near clip when looking down past 45 degree angle.{AdjustNearClipDown45}(bIsInIFPV==true)(fLookDirX<-0.8); XD: This was changed to 2.0 from the original 5.0 to prevent pop-in on cleavage when looking down.; XD: It also helps remove the yoke pop-outs from Devious Devices when looking down.+set fNearClip 2.0-return fNearClip; Automatically adjust near clip when looking up past 45 degree angle.{AdjustNearClipUp45}(bIsInIFPV==true)(fLookDirX>0.8)+set fNearClip 5.0-return fNearClip; Automatically set near clip 8 indoors (15 is default).{AdjustNearClipIndoors}(bIsInIFPV==true)(bIndoors==true)+set fNearClip 8.0-return fNearClip; Main IFPV configuration that isn't overrided by other profiles.{Main}(bIsInIFPV==true); Set near clip to larger value to fix mountain flicker or lower value to reduce clipping nearby objects.; These are now disabled here because separate profile controls based on angle.;+set fNearClip 7.0;-return fNearClip; Set in next line true to false, to not allow head tracking crosshair+set bHeadtrack true-return bHeadtrack; Set next line from true to false to allow third person cinematic killmoves while in IFPV.+set bDisableVATS true-return bDisableVATS; Set character turns to crosshair or not.; 0 = let game decide (normal behavior); 1 = always turn like weapon is drawn; -1 = force not turning character ever; -2 = character doesn't auto-turn when weapons are out but still turns if you move or attack;      (can be good to fix "wobble" during weapon out turning)+set iFaceCrosshair -2-return iFaceCrosshair+set bHideHead true-return bHideHead; Set true instead of false on next line if you want to hide helmet by default. This was causing a bug sometimes where whole body disappears so it's disabled.+set bHideHelmet false-return bHideHelmet; Overwrite default up down limit in radians. pi / 2 is 90 degrees. This is set so we can exceed 90 angle limit with fRestrictAngleVertical+set fUpDownLimit 2.0-return fUpDownLimit



~ Installation ~

  1. Install IFPV following the instructions on their mod page.
  2. Install my archive and overwrite/merge with IFPV. My mod only includes the config file, and does not include the original plugin.


~ Credits ~


meh321 for creating Immersive First Person View and the documentation for IFPV. Without it I'd be sunk in trying to make this, as the config file requires a bit of scripting knowledge.
ZaZ and Xaz: For the ZaZ Animation pack and the foundation of SexLab animations, especially pertaining to bondage.
The DD Team, whose mods influenced me to make this custom configuration. Without their work along with ZaZ and XaZ, bondage in Skyrim would be nowhere near as advanced:
- Min (Founder)
- Kimy (Lead Maintainer)
- Princessity
- Pincopallino
- Heretical
- Feuertin
- MaikCG
VirginMarie, who created and maintains Shout Like a Virgin. Her mod also had heavy influence on me fine-tuning this configuration. Her persistence on adding quality content to her mod astounds me.
Ashal, for maintaining the SexLab framework. His work is far under-credited. Without him none of this would be possible. Kudos to him.
CPU, for helping me with my questions regarding being aloud to post this as a new thread. His encouragement as well as his work on his own mods helped me make the final decision to post this here to share with everyone!
IronDusk33, for providing lots of awesome code tweaks that helped shape up the bow aim fixes I have integrated in 1.3 onwards. Thank you, sir!
Kenny567 for providing an entire rewrite to the SexLab Special Forced profile. Integrated in 1.3 onwards. Big thanks!


I hope none of these authors mind me posting images of their mods as examples here. Kudos to the authors of these mods.

What's New in Version 1.5


  • 1.5 - Major Bugfix! Fixed mountain flickering and headtracking in third person when SL Special view is active. Apparently the SLForcedProfile was running even when IFPV was not active (meaning when first person was not in use).
  • 1.4.1 - Bugfix! With headbobbing disabled the camera was not turning properly. This is now fixed. Apologies!
  • 1.4 - New! Headbobbing toggle support. No more nauseating eadbobbing for those that don't like it! New FOMOD option allows you to enable/disable it.
  • 1.3 - FOMOD Overhaul
  • PRESETS! Easy installation of author's recommended settings for both Devious Devices setups and non-Devious Devices setups.
  • New FOMOD Choices! Enforce First Person View always (Kudos to IronDusk33) and Default to SexLab Special view.
  • FIXES: Impossible Bow aiming in SL Special view fixed. Kudos to Kenny567 for a rewrite of the SexLab Forced profile. Their rewrite, along with IronDusk33's ideas, helped me figure out how to solve this issue.
  • MAJOR REWRITE! IFPV will seamlessly transition between profiles now, so when you force SL Special it will disable other profiles if necessary. Otherwise values were conflicting. As of this version, the HelmetCam profile is turned on automatically when you draw a weapon with the forced SL Special toggled in-game. The HelmetCam profile fixes the bow aiming, which previously was offset so much it was impossible to aim properly.
  • I also threw in a clipping fix when you are aiming with a bow. Now you can see your arm and arrows when you pull the string back. ;)
  • 1.2 Reuploaded - Accidental folder naming issue with FOMOD. Replaced File.
  • 1.2 - Created a FOMOD for ease of installation for the various types of configurations.
  • 1.1.1 - From 1.1, but including a bug fix. I'll probably look into adding a FOMOD to choose between head tracking or not if people like the head tracking.
  • 1.0.1 - From 1.0, but including a bug fix.
  • 1.1 - Changed head tracking to true for SexLab scenes. Try it. You might like it. Everything else is the same as 1.0. I did not add the head tracking to the forced profile, since it changes the mouse movements a tad. If people want it I will make a version with head tracking in the forced profile.
  • 1.0 - Initial Release, works great with Devious Devices in SexLab animations as well as removes clipping issues with SexLab scenes. Also includes a way to force SexLab Special view with a hotkey.

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