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About This File

This mod adds the spell to be relation with animals

It is based on the "animation" Gone.


Requirements :

- Pack animation - Gone

- FNIS 4.0 Beta

- Creature Pack 4.0


- SkyUI


Installation :

Copy the file in the directory "data" on your skyrim installation.

Launched "GenerateFNISforUsers" is clicked on the "FNIS Behavior Characters" and "FNIS Behavior Creatures" button.

if you do not have is the Button you do not have the correct version of FNIS.

*If you had to install BestialityRap you could overwrite files. he used the same animations.*


Access to the test room

There was a spell to teleport into the testing room "Teleport animalsex Testcell"


Bug wolf / Dog

FNIS Message :


For some odd reason, FNIS dog animations causeCTD as soon as a (custom) file wolfbehavior.hkx is in this same directory. No problem the other way around (FNIS wolf animations).


Which makes it impossible to use both FNIS dog and wolf animations.


Since I think it's more important to have dogs, I have renamed wolfbehavior_FNIS.hkx into wolfbehavior_FNISXXX.hkx. This will skip the wolf part of the generator.




Animation available

- Draugr - 3

- Werewolf - 3

- Wolf - 2

- Horse

- Falmer - 3

- Chaurus - 2

- Spider

- Giant

- Troll - 3

- Bear

- SaberCat

- Bonus Draugr GangBang :D

- Bonus Spider Team

What's New in Version 1.02


  • 1.01
  • - Fixed bug launch MCM menu
  • - Adding a button to learn sorcery in mcm menu
  • - Adding Animation bear
  • - Adding animation Double spider
  • 1.02
  • - The creature in the test room have to stop this fight
  • - adding 2 room in the test room (Draugr: 5 draugr in, Spider : 2 spider and a giant spider).
  • - Adding spell book in the chest of the test room (you could learn the spell via the interface mcm).
  • - Adding animation saber cat.
  • - Change reset the creature after sex.

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