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The "Whiterun Brothel" is my first to go mod for SKYRIM. You´ll be enjoying a huge amount of stuff: all the most important Zaz-Furniture is built in. Enjoy the huge area of 3 times of the Dragon-Reach in the main house. Inside there you have a fully installed Inn / Taverne with Bar, a cute female barde and a lot of Girls all around who will like to Play with you. All the female actors have custom clothes, I put them into my personal favorite clothes from the famous mod "Luxury Collection". Som of them wear the Party Dress and come in different colours...OF Course you can Change their clothes with a working follower mod.


One Girl is willed for sex the whole time, that´s Anjanette C. Another Girl patrols all around the first area: Summer...be careful and don´t talk to Long with her, she will pick you up into...(...) !!!
Chantalle and Michelle are ideal to work as whores (in dependence of the MEP (Maria Eden Prostitude Mod), you only have to make their clothes the whore clothes-but naturally you can Change that, if you prefer other clothes.
There´s Darla, Andrea and the barde is called Laura. Be careful and don´t begin to hit or kick them. They have a lot of possibolities to lock you away, stay nice;-))


You will be able to visit an area that I called "colloseum", created after the famous TOMB RAIDER gameplay. There you have a custom jail and a lot of stuff you can trap into. Be careful.


The next area is like the rifton Underground, very strange and with places, that are dark and you´ll meet a slave Girl there. That Girl is not alone...be careful while you walk around there...be careful....!!!


Another area is waiting for you, also with a build in bar and a pool is waiting for you....


Everything is usable within ONE cell...the mod is optimized so far I could do that technically.
The Whiterun Brothel is hugely on the map and a beautiful place to travel to.
You can use all other home-mods parallel, you´ll have no collision or area mismatch so far I know.


-23 new female characters, all unique, with custom clothes and custom faces and custom hairs
-Lot of traps and nearly all Zaz-stuff in one huge cell
-Inn/Taverne with barde (female)
-custom clothes from the legendary luxury collection and the party-Dresses with different colors
-3 huge Areas, main building, colloseum, brothel´s rat-way and another Relaxing area, also ideal for hot gameplay...
-6 !!! Jail-factions
-lot of experimental furniture (animations by zaz)
-experimental Cages without ending
-player-cast-away to 6 outside Points....from beeing wolfe´s meal up to the surrender into a Cage hillup the heights of the whiterun City walls
-some secret doors that Need to be to recovered to get full Access to all the areas
-lot of player´s traps
-PoleGateCages will open automatically, depending on the NPC´s Walking around the area....this rule is for the build-in wall-sargo´s and for all other 3 pole-gate-gibbets
-Maria Eden Prostitude (by zaira) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED...but of course not needed exactly....some furnitures you can only leave by console "reset all controls"...I don´t know the console task for that, sorry ...but the most others can be released by using an alternative Animation or by "jump" or "e" as usually


I want to thank to all the community, who tried to help me in the past with my modding, especially "nameless" and "zaira" and "cpu" and all the creators of the fine stuff I could be using inside this Project.


-the author of "luxury collection"
-the author of the "gallow project and it´s animations"
-the author of "Party Dress"




....and many others more.
This mod is a little thank you for all the stuff that others created and set for download for free.
And I hope you will like it too.


ENJOY !!!!




What you Need/Dependencies:


Heels Sound.esm
WhiterunBrothel.esm (included)


I recommend to use:


***V.1.00 CBBE HDT Body (for the clothes)***
***V.1.00 UUNP HDT Body (for the clothes)***


UNP-Users: please download the file: "taraCollection.rar" and extract it into your textures-folder. After that, also the UNP-Version should be ready to run like the CBBE-Version.




(if you want to Play same clothes with UNP, you Need to EXCHANGE the cbbe clothes with the suiting unp stuff into the correct Folders...)
(Download is over 500MB, use the link and the key for the download, extracted you get 2.2GBytes data, because of AUDIO and CLOTHING FILES)


Future plans...quests for releasing the gamer from some traps...helping-girls...IF SOMEBODY KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO DO THIS I HONESTLY WOULD BE VERY THANKFUL FOR THE EXACTLY CODE / QUESTING IN DETAILS.


P.S. The "µ-Dragon" has been only a "try" to get a house-Dragon (flying around in intereur) but the game engine did not allow me to hold "him" inside the walls...very pity but otherwise he was making crying too loud and made nervous the whole Crew of the brothel...so enjoy this little two pics....as an add on in mem.


P.S. This mod is finally making your GPU "busy" within skyrim, the frame-rate may drop little down on some systems...I did my best to compensate this with the offically optimize-stuff that was coming by the Creation-Kit and also used by BETHESDA. Functionally, the GPU has only to render the first cell (what you can see as the Player) and if you change to the next rooms, the first one will be disappearing...this effect is WANTED, and is not recognizable by playing inside the cell(s) and is no issure of the mod or of cell boundaries or of your GPU (if you have a 3rd viewed cam and go watching the cell from outside the boundaries).

What's New in Version 1.00 CBBE/UUNP-HDT


  • 1.00 The huge area for Gameplay with all sort of Zaz-Furniture, perfect for lot of hours of fun and at t. same time a majestic place to enjoy SKYRIM
  • UPDATE/run FNIS, please...& Update/RUN Caliente´s BodySlide once...please!
  • UUNP Version: !!!!!:::::
  • for UNP Version: the textures-file for the LuxuryCollection has a special download-look at the describtion, please!

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