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Amiella Skirt CBBE HDT BodySlide (full physics) 1.1

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Amiella Skirt "HDT-PE BODYSLIDE"


For me this was a longstanding subject. A bodyslide version fully functional of the original "HDT Skirt Test" by "Anano", retaining the added physics. I want to credit also "HyperMixf" for combine Anano test skirts.
For the rest of the outfit you may also want "malfdawg" Amiella outfit (bodyslide), is the one I'm using in the captures.




I have tweaked the collisions so you can wear other HDT items/hair without messing the physics, the movement is smother and more realistic, the collisions with legs are better now, the skirt dont slip into the pelvis anymore while running forward.
Corrected also the weight paint so the strap don't slip through breast anymore, added weight paint on butt and belly.
Modified the .esp to enable weight sliders.
The bodyslide part was a pain, I had to add one by one 25 custom bones to the XMPSE skeleton.


XMPSE HDT Compatible Skeleton


Replace original file with "Amiella Skirt HDT Bodyslide (By Daiemonic).rar"
Bodyslide your skirt (Added Zap slider to remove straps)
Activate the .esp
In console type (or use AdditemMenu):
help HDT Skirt
player.additem ##000DCA 1


So finally here it is guys, let the magic begin :P


What's New in Version 1.1


  • 1.0 Initial version
  • 1.1 Added Zap slider to remove straps