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A simple mod to to help you in reluctant playthroughs by forcing you to do Sales Demos.




Boost Your Sales Performance with Mandatory Sales Demos! Struggling with sluggish sales and uninspired staff? It's time to revitalize your team's dedication! With our new Mandatory Sales Demos Program, your team won't just meet their targets, they'll exceed them. Say goodbye to half-hearted efforts and hello to a new era of enthusiastic selling and administrative excellence. Join us now and watch your sales soar!




Once you've failed 10 total sales, the mod will try to start. You'll be called by your boss and given the news you will now have to do Mandatory Sales Demos.

After that, the mod will change your game in two ways:


  1. As soon as you get to the office, you may be randomly (based on your sales performance) called to the HR to do a Mandatory Demo, and forced to chose between 3 to 4 options taken from the Notice Board. The Demo will start immediately.
  2. If a client asks for a Demo, you'll no longer be able to refuse. You have a small chance of escaping your fate by posting it to the Notice Board, which you should as well as use as a safe-guard against meaner Demos.


Completing a Demo will reduce the chances of it triggering, while failing more sales will increase its chance.


Additionally, your ongoing side-effect can affect your ability to deny demo requests. You won`t be able to deny a direct demo request if you have the People Pleaser side effect, and you won`t be able to deny a Ready-Maid pill demo if you have the Live-In Maid side-effect.  These can be turned off via the Options menu.


This mod is basically a wrapper around the original game's code, so it will try to use any kind of Demo that can be accessed by your sales job, including from other mods.




To make reluctant runs more difficult and more interesting. It is very easy to avoid nastier side effects and de-buffs, so forcing you to use the pills to close the deals is another way of adding more events to the game play loop.



  • None



  • None that I am aware of, as it mostly wraps around the original game.



  • DatDude's Demo Experiments - Adds more demos to the game.
  • [XCL] Mean Leads - Makes nastier demos more common when you start the game.




Add more images, and maybe more scenes.

Edited by onamawas
New version of the mod

What's New in Version 1.3.0   See changelog




  • If you have the "People Pleaser" side effect, you won't be able to deny when the client asks you for a sales demo. This can be turned off via options menu.
  • If you have the "Live-In Maid" side effect, you won't be able to deny when the client asks you for a sales demo for Ready-Maid pill. This can be turned off via options menu.



  • Fixed the way the mod counts failed sales.
  • A few typos.

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