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About This File

This is H-LOD, a curvy body nude mod for all DOA5 girls, made with custom meshes and textures.




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Among other features, this customized model has more vertex density than the vanilla one over tits, ass, thighs, belly button and other body parts, providing an improved softness, without being a hi-poly model. The shading on the model is also fully customized ("cleavage" and "bleavage"). I've also fixed some little defects from the original model.
This body has been carefully adapted to match the shape of every girl on the game, keeping their original proportions, while retaining the characteristic features of Honoka's body: big tits and ass. I've also created a set of custom body textures for each one of the ladies..
  • Bust size and shape for all the girls is "HLOD" by default.
  • All the girls are available in 5 bust/body shapes (HLUD, NRM-HLOD, HLOD, ULTRA-HLOD and LETHAL-HLOD)

H-LUD vs "NRM" vs H-LOD vs "ULTRA" vs "LETHAL" comparison (Honoka)

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About the name

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LOD: Lactose OverDose
H-LOD: Honoka-Lactose OverDose, or alternatively High Level Of Detail :classic_cool:
H-LUDHonoka-Lactose UnderDose

thanks to timmyc for the "LOD" name idea, and to MeMe for the "LETHAL-HLOD" name.


Known issues

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  • Boob clipping. Associated with collision physics; the models retain physics from the original vanilla breasts.
  • High ankle bending. One of the most annoying problems on bare feet doa models, related to the skeleton. For some reason team ninja decided to make just one kind of base skeleton for each girl, considering that they wear high heels by default.
  • "Merged toes": Another vanilla model issue.
  • The pussy mesh may look weird under certain circumstances (wide open legs). it's a little weight related problem in that zone, a lot worse before.
  • Some models are suffering a weird bending behind the knees.
  • There may be some other minor problems associated with neck seams, caused by slight tone differences.
  • A little F.A.Q., kind of.

Some info about the naming of the models ("word modding")

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This weird effect is related to the name written on this Honoka-based models.
All H-LOD  mod files (TMC, TMCL, --C, --P), must have written the word "HONOKA" on it, in capital letters. It can't be honoka, Honoka, honoko, Hanako, sweettits, yummytits... you name it, otherwise this weird (normal map related) effect will occur:

I will use this screenie as example to show this bug (thanks to LGMODS)


Some examples of good and bad file naming:
BIGTITS_HONOKA_whatever... good
something_honoka... wrong
something_Honoka... wrong
whatever_something... wrong

It sound weird indeed, but this has been proven.




How to use TMC and TMCL Files

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  • Using lnk reshuffle, replacing the first or second costume of each character. Some swaps may show some weird white texture issues (example: swap on Honoka COS 1).

How to use lnk reshuffle:


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(thanks to my friend siframe for this quick and useful tutorial)

  • Now there is a new, and maybe the definitive option: AutoLink

How to use AutoLink:


(thanks to tastefultoy for this tutorial!)

  • Alternatively you can use DLC Tool to make your own custom DLC.




Rules about the use of this mods:

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Everyone it's free to use these bodies in DOA5LR PC for make any kind of mods or mesh edits. No credits required, but it will be appreciated. There's no need at all for asking me for permissions as long as the rules are respcted:

  • Don't take parts as boobs and pussy (in other words, the body CAN be modified like OT-LOD and Puff-LOD, but I don't want to see this mod merged with other different nude mod).
  • Don't make money with it.
  • Respect the signatures on my textures. I put a lot of time on creating them.
  • Please don't put dicks on my curvy females!
  • Fap to them after create a mod. Most important rule.


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  • timmyc, for his great  DOA5ObjTmcConverter tool, which allowed me to edit my models and UV maps in 3dsmax.
  • Dotouku, for his TMC tool suite, used to remove/insert meshes, and for his blender scripts, useful to create my custom meshes, and UV edits.
  • sf234, for his texture tool, useful to insert and replace the custom textures
  • barbell, author of the pussy mesh in which I was inspired to make the pussy of this mod (inner labia). I say inspired because the mesh is quite different compared to the original now. I have also used his orignal inner labia texture, with some slight modifications.

Special thanks

To timmyc, siframe, JackWall, GIANT DAD, LGMODS, Ishidacorp, gatto tom, GuachaLover23, and the people here in this DOA5 subforum for the great support I've received during the time here.






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Mod files:


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Main File

  • Now all DOA5 girls and their 5 body variations are included in a single pack.
  • (TMC-TMCL) File/folder scheme is now "Autolink compatible" for ease of use.
  • (DLC) A DLC file is also included. Only compatible with v1.05+.
  • (DLC) Alpha-152 is included in the DLC, but she lacks transparency effects. It's recommended to use her with lnk reshuffle or Autolink.
  • (DLC) Using the last 5 slots available for each girl.
  • (TMC-TMCL / DLC) All the 3 previous "Hotfixes", plus a last minute kokoro bugfix are included in this release
Details about the Hotfixes:
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  • Fixed a broken mesh issue present in some HLOD models (a tiny hole under the armpits):
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  • Models affected: Tina, Lisa, Helena, Rachel, Christie, Sarah.
  • Fixed a seam issue present in some HLOD models. This was a serious bug found on UV maps #2 (sweat) and #3 (normal map).
  • Models affected: Kasumi, Ayane, Phase 4, Alpha-152.
  • Variations affected: HLOD, LETHAL-HLOD, NRM-HLOD.

Details of this bug:


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post-790447-0-61253400-1460926499_thumb. post-790447-0-36068600-1460926527_thumb. post-790447-0-51255000-1460926518_thumb.



post-790447-0-75467400-1460926471_thumb. post-790447-0-91511600-1460926491_thumb. post-790447-0-51445400-1460926482_thumb.








Legacy DLC File
NOTE: use only if you are using an old version of the game (previous to v1.04) 


  • Compatible only up to v1.04
  • Only available in HLOD body shape (although Honoka is also available in NRM and UHLOD)
  • Alpha-152 and Naotora are not included.
  • Costume slots used:


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Ayane: 39

Christie: 39


Hitomi: 39

Honoka: 29, 30, 31 (NRM, HLOD, UHLOD)

Kasumi: 39

Kokoro: 39

Leifang: 39

Lisa: 39

Marie: 31

Mila: 39

Momiji: 39

Nyotengu: 31

Pai: 14

Phase 4: 31

Rachel: 39

Sarah: 14

Tina: 39






Texture Pack:

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Naotora files are now included. 4 different options for her (3 mole sizes and a "no mole" option).


Texture pack with all the necessary DDS files and PSD templates to replace/update in HLOD models and variations (LETHAL-HLOD, OT-LOD, Puff-LOD)
It includes custom HLOD texture files for the body (diffuse map),  dirt map, vanilla normal map and sweat map.
  • I have simplified my messy original PSD templates to be easy to use in this pack.


  • With this templates you will be able to create your own custom body textures without losing significant quality.
  • Please notice that some girls (Kasumi/Phase4, Tina/Rachel) are sharing the same body texture.
  • Naotora has 4 options (3 mole sizes and a "no mole" option).



A custom pack for use with converted models (using timmy's character converter, for example) is also included. This pack is especially useful when you need to convert FROM Honoka/HLOD-based models to the rest of the cast.


Just remember that you have to replace all textures with this set (diffuse, normal, sweat, dirt) if you are converting from a vanilla Honoka or from HLOD-based models.


Special Packs:

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NYOTENGU HLOD Wings & Dildo Pack v1.1


Since Nyotengu lacks "some things" on this nude mod, I've made this pack to give her back her wings... and also a little purple toy.
  • Avaliable in all the HLOD flavors (HLUD, NRM, HLOD, ULTRA, LETHAL)
  • 6 variations available for each body type (30 in total):
    2 main variations: black and white wings
    3 secondary variations:
    -Wings only
    -Wings + dildo
    -Wings + dildo + "tengu geta"
  • Credits to "the internetz" for the dildo mesh  :classic_laugh: ("the penetrator", import from Saint's Row 3)








"BUSH" HLOD complete pack

Here's an important update for the HLOD family, I'm talking about the inclusion of pubic hair (mesh) for all the current HLOD variations. For my part I never had big interest on doing this, actually I had some pubic hair options stored since some time, but after receiving a message from Juliojakers, who offered me a nice pubic hair mesh from skyrim... I just had to do it. I can admit that the result it's interesting  :classic_biggrin:
-Ready to use with AutoLink.
-The pubic hair used here it's a mesh that I've imported from skyrim game files, with some modifications.
-Every girl have its own custom pubic hair color.
-This pack can be used simultaneously with all previous released packs without any conflicts.
-"Bushy" Alpha 152 is also included, but she lacks transparency effects when used with autolink.
Many thanks again to Juliojakers for providing me the pubic hair mesh files, and to the original author of this great mesh of course  :classic_smile:


CS-HLOD v1.0 pack


For all DOA5LR girls, except Alpha-152.

  • What is CS-HLOD?
This is the HLOD nude mod (original HLOD boob size), mixed with a cel shading-like effect. Is not a real cel shading effect per se, but the result is very similar to effects obtained via filters in MMD, XPS and other softwares. This effect was applied on bodies and also faces. More words asdf.
  • How to use:

-Make sure you have AutoLink installed.

-Extract the contents inside the compressed file. Use 7zip or winrar to do it.

-Copy and paste the "Autolink" folder inside DOA5LR install folder. It will not overwrite, nor make conflicts with any file previously present there.
-Start the game, select some mode, grab some tissues. Don't abuse.
Some sreensHOTs:


Shitty Island Stage

This is my custom zack island stage (code name: "shitty island") used on some of my screenshots.


Main features:
  1. Removed rocks and useless floating palm tree leaves.
  2. Relaxing chairs and straw parasol (sorry, I don't know the exact name of these).
  3. Some moved objects. I like to to move objects.
  4. Oversized dock (can be used as runway).
  5. Useless pole dance pole (the bastard tends to dissapear).
  6. Nude Nyotengu. Yummy (not included).
Warning, as I've commented before, this stage is very buggy and I don't have plans for fixing it (the dock is invisible from the beach, the chairs are visible only under certain point of view, some floating palm tree leaves). But it's somewhat useful for screenies with doax3 motions.



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UPDATE (25/05/17):
HONOKA HLOD swap pack: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56672-doa5lr-h-lod-nude-mod-10-curvy-body-update-05-07-17-cavewoman-oasis-pack/?p=1909709

UPDATE (07/05/17):
LETHAL HLOD Cavewoman Oasis pack - (custom mod): http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56672-doa5lr-h-lod-nude-mod-10-curvy-body-update-usage-rules/?p=1892998

UPDATE (11/26/16):
HLOD Giant Boob Goddess - (stage mod): http://www.loverslab.com/topic/56672-doa5lr-h-lod-nude-mod-curvy-body-updates-mai-shiranui-penetrator-pack-hlod-galhounds-custom-nipple-textures/?p=1746236

UPDATE (09/29/16):
Good news for people who wanted a little more variety on the HLOD nude girls, here's a pack with custom nipple textures (More info and download here)

UPDATE (09/28/16):
Mai Shiranui - Penetrator pack

UPDATE (09/15/16):
Mai Shiranui and her curvy kunoichi body is finnaly in DOA 5! (More info and download here)


UPDATE (08/08/16):

Good news for people who prefer some pubic hair down there, "BUSH" HLOD is here!. More info at "DOWNLOADS->Special packs" or also here


UPDATE (07/26/16):

Here's also available the new CS-HLOD pack, for all DOA5LR girls, except Alpha-152. More info at "DOWNLOADS->Special packs" or also here


Nyotengu HLOD WINGS and DILDO Pack available here






What's New in Version 1.5


  • v1.0
  • - Initial release (HLOD body only)
  • v1.1
  • -Added HLUD, NRM-HLOD, ULTRA-HLOD and LETHAL-HLOD body variations now for the entire cast.
  • -Added DLC file (compatible only with v1.05+).
  • -Hotfixes 1,2 and 3 are also included.
  • v1.2
  • -Added CS-HLOD mod pack (cel shaded HLOD)
  • v1.3
  • -Added "BUSH" HLOD mod pack (mesh pubic hair pack for HLOD)
  • v1.4
  • -Added Mai Shiranui complete HLOD pack.
  • v1.4b
  • -Added Mai Shiranui "Penetrator" pack.
  • v1.5
  • -Added HLOD body mixed with Galhound's custom nipple textures.

Other Files from SaafRats

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