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Dragon Princess & Trielek armor Mix 1.1

8 Screenshots

About This File


Original concept was posted by archer1986@3dmgame.com, but the files was lost somewhere in the internets. So, i decided to replicate it from the screenshots that remain.

Now in two flavours: CBBE and CHSBHC









What's inside:


Cuirass with stockings



Boots for HDT HHS

Really Awesome Invisible Helmet


Heavy. Armor rating matches the one for the Dragonplate armor.



CBBE textures

HDT High Heel System(optional .esp without this requirement)

BBP skeleton.


Where to get:

Exchange your dragonplate armor for this one at Tanning Rack. No freebies.

Or use the mighty immersion-breaking console: "help DPnTrielek"



1) asianboy345 for importing UNP-sized Tera armors into Skyrim(go and give him some Kudos's)

2) WarMaster09 for CBBE'ing those armors

3) xp32 for the HDT-compatible Trielek boots

4) HydrogensaysHDT for his awesomeness(actually, for HDT HighHeels System here)

5) Alan of "ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM" for BBP Armor Packs(that's where i've found that Dragon Princess armor)

6) Luxurysky for the amazingly good Trielek retexture

7) chsbhc(whatever this means) version brought to you by Hodoki

8) archer1986 for the concept, and for teasing me with his screenshots and not reuploading his version. That bastard...


To Do:

1) A little clipping can be observed at the inner side of arms.

2) I suppose i should do something to make those armors temperable?

3) Complete the set(invisihelmet/pseudohelmet, do something so the set will be recognized by the perks).

4) This armor is very distracting, be careful.(Can do nothing about it, sorry).

5) Should i increase the AR of the cuirass with stockings relative to the one without?

What's New in Version 1.1


  • v1.0 Initial release
  • v1.1 Invisihelmet(should work with perks now). Tempering with ebony Ingots enabled. Cuirass with stockings has an increased armor now(I run tests! Those stockings are damn sturdy. So +3 AR.). All armor is marked with SexLabNoStrip keyword(optional esp without it).
  • v1.1000(0)1 Moved crafting from the workbench to the tanning rack. It actually works now. Wow.

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