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Cute Bunny Outfits v0.1 - v2 + UNP

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About This File

Ok guys I know there are other better bunny type outfits out there by their respectable modders, but...
Again this is my version and is CBBE, BBP (also requires High Heel System).


Anyway there are four sexy bunny style outfits in Red, Pink, and Black...
The Fourth one must be found check back of outfit boxes...


How do I get it? Craft in any forge


please note... It’s just another mashup... :huh:
If the armor seems to be over powering, thats because my character level is over 200


Legal Shit...
I found one of my mods posted on a Korean mod site by Monkey Roger D if I could have registered I would
have asked him to remove it because I was not asked if he could. :(
This mod is strictly for LoversLab that means no repacks to other web sites. Links are ok though...


Greetings to : all my friends here on Loverslab and Piepiper over in modtype :D


Thanks to : kassiekagain for the slider set for v2


- Due to the see thru type textures some parts of the mod will disappear when in water this is normal..
- There might be clipping in some poses and custom animations, sorry about that.
- If there is any problems please let me know.
- There will not be any other body type made just CBBE.. Ok I lied, but no more UNP edits since I use CBBE

What's New in Version v0.1 - v2 + UNP


  • added a Slider set for v2 by kassiekagain
  • added same outfits without skirt for jaberwocky
  • added UNP version requested by denneljimmykhoa