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Coral Island Reserve World 1.1.0

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About This File

Coral Island Reserve
(BETA Offering)


Download the ZIP file and place in a separate empty folder.

UNPACK the ZIP file.


You will have a Text and DocX information files much like this description and a folder. The folder contains the World Sims3pack and another folder containing all the objects for the world. 

My Recommendation:
⦁    Place the Coral Island Reserve (World) Sims3pack in your Game’s DOWNLOADS.
⦁    Place the Coral Island Reserve Packages Folder in your Mods/Packages folder.
⦁    Install the World through the Launcher.  



It is always best practice to start with a fresh Game Folder and set up your MOD’s folder again with what have you…  This way you can just swap out the game folder when you want a different world without any further setup.

Be sure to check for conflicts between your existing and “in-use” Mods and this worlds Package folder.







I want to thank those that unknowingly contributed to this World Build


  • D&M for their Medieval stuff.
  • MMD for their Dance Pole.
  • MajikGoldys for their Medieval stuff.
  • Murfeel for their SkyRim stuff.
  • NonaMena for their Permanente Tents.
  • mammutZoo for their Pinkelbush.
  • Sasila for their Torture chamber stuff.
  • SeeMyu for their Exotic Dance Pole.



This world is a Small Island World


26 Residential Units
1 Base Camp
2 Research Campsites
11 Vacant Lots
1 Privet Lot
41 Totals



25 Commercial Lots
2 Empty Commercial Lots
27 Totals



Originally a Small World created to have Zero Game Overhead – to test Lot and Object Designs. As time went on – more and more lots went in. Of course – I’d get bored, so I’d work on making it more Pleasant to look at… On and on.


Eventually, it was getting pretty full – Still had one of each lot open to test but that was about it. So, started testing Household Objects and Sim Garments… I’d get bored and actually PLAY the World for a few hours.


And, here we are. 
Two years of slowly building the World, and a year of playing and tweaking. 
A lot of interesting places… and at night – a wonderful adventure land. 


Since I wanted it primarily as a world to build lots and space was at a premium… I combined all the major Rabbit holes into one Futuristic lot. It’s found as the first lot at the top of the Mountain Drive… next to the Strip Club. The City Hall, School, Hospital, etc., is there.


Coral Island - Rabbit Holes 1.PNG

Each Rabbit Hole is a Rug. All Rabbit Holes needed are there.


  • Yes, there is a lot of Custom Content – Most made specific to this world. 
  • No, it’s not your average boring world. 
  • Yes, it has unique Animated Objects specific to this world. 
  • Yes there are lots for Building the larger Commercial lots and nearly every common size of Residential Lot.  So, also yes, you can plop your favorite 64x64 down.


I do not recommend completely removing any lot as most are tight to other lots and may not be able to put back in without starting a new game. Also, any lot that is completely framed by road or sidewalk should not be completely removed – you won’t get those back in place. Every effort was made to assure all vacant lots are flat. 


There are a lot of Glass Domes of various shapes and sizes – Each time you go to that lot – you will need to reset these Domes or they will be in the way of your view. In Buy/Build – use the Hand Tool, Click on the Dome and press the ESC key. That resets the Object. If you miss… just press [Ctrl]-z to undo… this will reset your mistake. 


Camera Blocks are not set so caution when maneuvering around the lots close to Cliffs. If you’re up close and personal – shouldn’t pose a problem. Again, this was originally designed as a World to build lots… for other worlds so not all places are easy to navigate – especially close to a Cliff.  However, when played in-game and close to your Sims – no Problem. 



Other than that – Enjoy!

As Always – this is a BETA so grain of salt here.
You see something that needs fixed – let me know.
This world has gone through more testing than usual as I use it to test other things and Play it nearly every day… It’s my Go-To World. 


Coral Island Reserve World Picture EIG.PNG

What's New in Version 1.1.0


Change Log:


Removed West-Side Plank Bridge, reworked the Terraine, and replaced the Bridge.


 Although the Roads and Bridge were connected properly, and the Routing data was correct - there was a fault with the bridge preventing it from being fully recognized by the game.


I observed Sims driving across the bridge and had my Limo Driver drive me over it from both directions, several times. No errors.

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