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About This File

Dangerous Game: Hunting Ground


Based on NateNexus'

'Forbidden Luxury'



Have you ever eyed a Khajiit trader and wondered just how soft their fur really is?


This is your chance to find out.


You've all heard the bandits yell 'You'll make a fine rug, cat!'; well, this is a chance to do just that.  Equipped with a skinning tool and a rather morbid education in biology, the Dovakiin may now embrace their status as 'apex predator' and collect grisly trophies from that most dangerous game of all...


Just don't let anyone see you doing it.



'Hunting Ground' is an continuation/expansion of NateNexus' 'Forbidden Luxury'.  That mod is not required for Hunting Ground to function.


Welcome to Hunting Ground v. 0.9a!  Patch notes are below. 


Since the mod is much 'cleaner' from a design perspective, I've decided to remove the previous version from the download list.


This mod requires Campfire!  There are no Frostfall hooks yet.


Hunting Ground is not currently Realistic Needs and Diseases ready. Look for RND hooks in a future update.


Thank you for putting up with my terrible delays and restarts; Hunting Ground is my first large-scale Skyrim project, and I'm glad to finally get it (mostly) done.






Hunting Ground 0.9a Patch Notes:

Version 0.9a is a reduced 'test' version, because I did a fairly significant script rework and a lot of changes internally.

Note: For testing, the player has been provided with the 'Fur Trader's Tool' and a copy of 'Confessions of a Khajiit Fur Trader'.  Open the book to obtain the 'Skinning' perk, then equip the tool and 'activate' an Imperial, Breton or Redguard corpse.

Testing focus:

⦁    Food items and ingredient requirements
⦁    Merchant value of food items
⦁    General mod functionality.

Known Issues:

⦁    For testing reasons, this release is limited to three races: Redguards, Bretons and Imperials.
⦁    Hides may not drop in some circumstances.  This is a design issue and will be corrected in the next update.
⦁    Texture colors on the 'harvested' bodies may be mismatched.
⦁    Bodies may still wear hats despite being headless.  W/A: count to five before skinning.
⦁    Bodies may not switch to 'harvested' outfit on every occasion.
⦁    Physics may 'fling' items if they get stuck under the NPC's body.
⦁    All harvested food items create the same 'cooked' foods; this is intentional, and will be expanded on in a later update.
⦁    While Campfire is a required master file, there is no Frostfall functionality yet.
⦁    Food items can be sold to merchants with no issue; the 'keyword' support from previous releases has not yet been reinstated.
⦁    'Cannibal' animation will not always play.  As it's an issue internal to Skyrim itself, there's little I can do.

New Features:

⦁    Skinned bodies will now switch to a 'harvested' body upon skinning.
⦁    Bodies will now drop items instead of placing them directly in the player's inventory.
⦁    Skinning script now takes the NPC's weight into account when determining which parts to drop.
⦁    Skinning a body in view of another NPC will cause them to become hostile.
⦁    Food items can now be cooked at a 'Campfire'...er, campfire.

What's New in Version Beta


  • 03/13/2020 -- After a long delay, a significant update has arrrived!  Patch notes are included in the download, as well as on the front page.


  • 07/01/2017 -- Updated to 0.9. Hunting Ground is now feature-complete; further updates will focus on bug-fixes and minor improvements. Added ~25 new food items, a second set of armor, and distributed the knife and book to various merchants across Skyrim.

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