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  1. The error you're getting indicates that a reference alias somewhere is not set properly, and that message should only appear if you're trying to compile a script. What, specifically, are you trying to do when you install Devourment?
  2. Whew! Been quite a few twists and turns in my life of late. Time for a huge update (and I'll see about changing the front page, as well). The new release is a reduced 'test' version, because I did a fairly significant script rework and made a lot of changes internally. Details are in the download, and also (now) up on the front page.
  3. I've discovered a slight texture issue. For some reason, the body textures on NormalBody don't align properly, and there's a transparent 'gap' around the body's waist. I've tried a lot of different solutions but none seem to be workable. Anyone have any advice? :Edit: Never mind! It appears that I was using the wrong body size and creating a 'tear'. Now that I've changed the body type, it appears to have cleared up.
  4. That's not quite accurate. If If Random(0,100) < 33 is false, then Elseif Random(0,100) <50 must be true. But -- if If Random(0,100) < 33 is true, Elseif Random(0,100) <50 is still true, because 33 is less than 50. Let's look at the code in question: If Random(0,100) < 33 <<== If the random number is < 33 "Random is less than 33." <<== Do something. Elseif Random(0,100) <50 <<== If the random number is > 33 "Random is less than 50." <<== Do something else Else "Else"
  5. It's not doing two tests with the same number, per se; the problem is that the above conditions are true by the nature of arithmetic. The statement above checks to see if the number given by Random(0,100) is less than 33 and also if it's less than 50. There's no mathematical way to make 33 greater than 50, so by the nature of mathematics, both conditions are always going to be 'true' (unless Random(0,100) rolls a 50 or above).
  6. No, it's correct -- it's just an inconsistency left over from when I was still trying to decide what to call the mod. You're entirely safe; be assured that I will never intentionally include anything in any of my mods that will cause damage.
  7. After experimenting, I managed to replicate the 'pet turns human' bug, and found another -- in the TF start, creating a 'pet' as a family member causes the game to interpret the pet as a human family member instead of an animal and will only present the options that are available for humans; also, when you create your pet, you can no longer delete them, either from the TF 'family' screen or in the relationships panel.
  8. I've tried compiling from source via LifePlay.sln, but it still won't open. It's as if the compiler can't see the StreetMap plugin files for some reason. Maybe they haven't been updated for 4.21.2? I'm at a loss, anyhow XD.
  9. All I remember doing is creating a pet, editing appearance, and finding that the pet's appearance menu changed (instead of options for dog breeds, the menu options for humans were displayed). I'll do some more investigating, because I'm not certain whether it was an actual bug or just me clicking in the wrong spot.
  10. Anot her semi-related bug: when you create a pet, and try to change its appearance, it suddenly becomes a human. XD
  11. She's the only relative I currently have; the menu still allows me to sneak into her room, even though she doesn't seem to be living there any more. It also breaks any of the 'shower' scenes for my own character. I don't want to destroy the 'dirty talk' files, but I do want to be able to toggle them; it would be a nice convenience feature for those players that want a bit more customization . I'll do some more testing and see if it was something that I did, or just a scene that missed (I tend to rush things a bit sometimes, so I might simply have missed her moving out.)
  12. Just a couple of comments from my last playthrough (I've got 1.21.64): After asking my sister to marry me, nothing else seems to be happening. She randomly vanished from my apartment and the 'Where do you want to go?' menu (from 'Visit with Relatives' bugged out; clicking on any of the buttons just dropped me back to the 'Where' menu, and the 'Have a shower' and 'Put a camera in the bathroom' messages just dumped back to the map screen with no dialogue or animations. Also (and I realize that this is entirely my personal taste), the 'dirty talk' text feels a bit....forced, sometimes -- l
  13. I see no problem with the unadorned SendModEvent (though using a bool is probably a good idea anyway, just in case something tries to arbitrarily access that function.
  14. You can follow the steps here to clear the issue (run a search for the exception code and it'll pop up). It seems to have something to do with the saved file itself; a broken file or script has probably been baked into the saved game. Also, read through the Dangerous Mods Master List (though it may be somewhat outdated) and check it against your load order to ensure you're not using an unstable or poorly-optimized mod.
  15. Okay! As the title indicates, this is a brief 'help file' for the use of the Mature Skin Texture mod, in conjunction with Dimonized UNP and Mod Organizer. Interestingly enough, Dimonized UNP is a bit...quirky when dealing with some texture replacers, or rather, the folder structure in which those replacers may be found. I don't have screenshots, at the moment, but the gist of it is: Dimonized UNP comes with a set of textures which can be found in \Dimonized UNP\textures\actors\character\female. Obviously, those files may be replaced with your textures of choice. However...therein
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