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This is my first attempt at making a mod of any substance whatsoever. Feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged.

The mod is in Alpha, lots of bugs; I'm sure...


This Mod is a Player Home/Location designed as an immersive way to spend time as a slave with Sanguine's Debauchery and as a place to train Paradise Halls slaves.

Essentially, there are lots of mining, farming, crafting stations and food containers with lots of food to give to your master. There are also rooms that are separate cells to easily set up training and storage for Paradise Halls slaves. There are also Slaves and Guards in those areas. I also set up 3 unique NPC's in the master's chamber to serve as a Grand Master/Fort owner. There is no dialogue for them yet, but I am planning on adding some in eventually.


OH! and a mixed assortment of Zaz furniture, of course.


It is located in the Rift, North West of Riften, Directly North of Redwater Den, over the small mountain.


Zaz Animation Pack

Apachii Sky Hair + Sky Hair Females



RP Chopping and Mining - allows essentially infinite mining and chopping. Mining just takes longer to get ore.




-NPCs to serve as masters/guards and slaves Added NPC's, working on unique NPC's to serve as followers, Masters and quest givers

-A plantable farming area

-quick re spawning chests (not sure how to do this right now...)




Thanks to the Zaz team for the resources to put that extra dungeon feel into, well, the dungeon!

What's New in Version Alpha 1.5


  • Added Simple Master and Slave NPC's to the fort to put a bit of life and immersion into the game.
  • Added outside Guards and Slaves.

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