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SoS AE 1.0.3

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About This File

This is an updated DLL for Schlongs of Skyrim that works with post-AE Skyrim. I have created it as a part of a larger mod I am working on, but It can still be used with plain SoS so I am releasing it ahead of my mod.


The cosave format is not compatible with the old SOS DLL because I did not have all the code. You need to start a new save. This does not work with pre-AE, just use the DLL that comes with SOS SE.


The permissions and acknowledgements below are inherited from the original SoS file since this is a derivative mod. 





I will release updates when I get to it. Posting asking me to update will not make it happen any faster, in fact doing it a lot will make me slower to get to it. I have been attempting to convert it to the address library but I have not gotten it to compile, so you'll have to either disable updates or wait for the to get to my updates each time they update AE.





I am adding this section because users have started messaging me about giving support for this mod. If you wish to do so, you can donate to me here or at ko-fi.com/chuckseven1


As per the rules, I am promising nothing in return for support besides my gratitude. All releases of this mod will be posted here.





Thanks to galgaroth for the SE version of SoS.


We would also like to thank the following people that in someway or another, helped us developing it, just by sharing their knowledge:

  • Fore
  • Theru

Thanks for FaerieXDecay, for providing us with beautiful screenshots!


Thanks to Earrindo, Zor2k13, and XunAmarox, for fixing the SoS Light esp and meshes!


Thanks to h38fh2mf and Ashal for PapyrusUtil and the provided support


Thanks to jonwd7 for Brawl Bugs Patch - Plugins - Modder Resource


Thanks to Shiene, Tiranno_71, Huili and forceet24 for their translations.


Thanks to everyone that is helping this project to grow and took initiative to make new mods to work with Schlongs of Skyrim


Also thanks to the Baraboards and Hall of Torque communities, for giving their support. Without them probably SOS would never come to exist. Thanks to all our Beta Testers, that gave us feedback and helped at detecting bugs.


Thanks to the moderators at The Nexus, that helped us clarifying if the mod could be uploaded there. They proved themselves to be quite reasonable.


Thanks to everyone in general, that showed interest in having a rigged and animated penis.


Thanks to all the Mods and Modders that served as an inspiration in taking the male mods, one step forward.


And finally ofc, thanks to Bethesda (although they should have included this feature in the game xD)




1. SOS and any derivative mod, should be kept in Lover's Lab only. If your mod uses any SOS asset, it should be kept in here. Such assets encompass Meshes, Textures and specific Havok files that VectorPlexus or Smurf have developed. Skeletons/Bones are an exception
2. Even in the case of posting a mod in Lover's Lab under the previous condition, those assets should always be properly credited to VectorPlexus and Smurf

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What's New in Version 1.0.3


Update to version 1.6.353

User Feedback

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Needs and update to support new AE version.

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Another update has broken this and a few other mods. I have officially turned off my updates. Forgot to do it earlier and paid the price. I love the mod and thank you for making the AE DLL. I will check back for any possible updated DLL. Thanks again.

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Here's a cheat sheet for people when in doubt:

(This list is not exhaustive thorough so certain types of CPUs aren't covered in these blanket statements.

Release Folder .DLL



Any processor with the Celeron or Pentium Designation should use this .DLL


Any processor made before 2011 should use this .DLL

AVX Supported CPUs


Sandy Bridge (2011) and newer CPUs have AVX support
Example: i3 2100
Bulldozer (2011) and newer CPUs have AVX Support

Example: FX-4170

AVX2 Supported CPUs

Haswell (2013) and newer CPUs have AVX2 support

Example: i3 4130

Excavator (2015) and newer CPUs have AVX2 support
Example: Ryzen 3 1200

AVX512 Supported CPUs



Skylake-X (2017) and newer CPUs have AVX512

Example: i7 7800X or 9800X

Note: AVX512 is exclusive to the high end Skylake-X chips so if you have something less than a 7800X (ie 7700K) or 9800X (ie 9700k) stick to AVX2

Cascade Lake-X has AVX512 support

Example: 10900X

Tiger Lake (2020) has AVX512 support

Example: 11700B


This last part is going to be important for Alder Lake CPUs such as the 12600K
Alder Lake CPUs support AVX512 but the feature is disabled by default to support the use of Intel's new feature: E-Cores.

You might be able to go into the BIOS and enable AVX512 but doing so would disable the E-Cores.
So, your best bet if you have an Alder Lake CPU is to just use the AVX2 version of the .DLL instead.

AMD doesn't support AVX512 at this time.

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   36 of 42 members found this review helpful 36 / 42 members

We're with you bud GL and we appreciate what you guys are doing for us  players.

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   18 of 22 members found this review helpful 18 / 22 members

Thank you. 

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   49 of 61 members found this review helpful 49 / 61 members

Needs a new update since the skyrim anniversary edition was updated the dll of sos is outdated 

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There's a "workaround" that works, as of 1/12/2021 .... (But this workaround doesn't work well for other mods dependent on SOS, or at least, not all of them).


That is to get the papyrus fix here: https://www.loverslab.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1311573&key=56dfab77a60da81a22d54c194b48551b

Install it like any other mod using Mod Organizer, or Vortex. (I also deleted the SchlongsofSkyrim.dll out of my folders, but I'm not sure if that was necessary. And I HAD to start a new save/game because my previous one kept crashing at the exact same spot.)


The mod works with this fix. There's no crashes, and the schlongs works fine. The MCM SOS menu options/settings also appear to work properly. However, I can't seem to get certain mods to work with SOS. I'll still be waiting for a proper SOS AE update :(


If that link doesn't work, here was the original posted response: 


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   23 of 30 members found this review helpful 23 / 30 members

Patience is a virtue that none of us seem to have  ;) 


Interesting note here; I just re downloaded the latetest Sexlab framework from this pat Tuesday and although Schlongs isn't updated, I can now resume playing my game  ;) 

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   30 of 41 members found this review helpful 30 / 41 members

It needs a update for 1.6.353 or nothing works please update.

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   18 of 26 members found this review helpful 18 / 26 members

Thank you ,

I am so sick of getting my skyrim perfect for steam to shove in  an update no one asked, so we only to spend days trying to hunt down updates for mod updates.

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   15 of 22 members found this review helpful 15 / 22 members

I made the same mistake, forgot to turn off updates because I really didn't think Bethesda would pull such a stunt. Anyway, JContainers and the others have updated....so it's just this one and racemenu left on expired's patreon page. Hopefully 1.6.342 will be the last one for a while, cheers!! I know you're working hard(pardon the pun), thanks in advance!!

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Thanks Shadowboar, for posting the papyrus link.  It worked perfectly!  Now Kaidan has a usable Schlong.  All is right with the world! ❤️ Don't need the SOS AE file if you use the papyrus utility - just original SOS and the Utility below...


For the person that uses MO2, and wasn't sure what to do...here you go:


  • Install SOS via MO2.
  • Install the papyrus update from Shadowboar also via MO2.
  • Make sure that if it prompts you, that you replace the files.
  • Run LOOT
  • Run FNIS.


Hopefully that will work for you.


Here's the file that Shadowboar posted...


SOS PapyrusUtil version Beta 4 (UPDATE).7z

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Elisif's Sith

   18 of 27 members found this review helpful 18 / 27 members

worked like a champ...   but unfortunately  Bethesda doesn't know how not to break things...  poor AE has updated again to now 1.6.342

anyway we appreciate you fixing good ol SOS for us

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   12 of 18 members found this review helpful 12 / 18 members

Works perfect for me, Good job mate!


New save file and everything up to date

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   12 of 18 members found this review helpful 12 / 18 members

Many, many thanks! Nice job and on time.

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   19 of 29 members found this review helpful 19 / 29 members

Can you add how to install this? not everyone knows which files go where and which of these we are suppose to download.

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   9 of 14 members found this review helpful 9 / 14 members

Thanks for doing this, any way to change the size of the player's penis without RaceMenu? It seems the Anniversary edition update broke Racemenu and Sos sliders don't appear, only one for erection which seems to actually do nothing.

Response from the author:

If you don't have the SOS Racemenu plugin loaded you can control the size in MCM.

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   12 of 19 members found this review helpful 12 / 19 members

So I know that we're gonna hafta wait for SOS AE to get updated for this new runtime, but is it gonna fuck anything if I keep playing my game? I wanna continue questing and then just download the update file when it comes out but I don't want it to fuck anything up. If the answer is obvious have pity on me since I'm a modding amateur (also i know that the schlongs probably wont be usable or visible but ill just not do the sexy stuff till the update)

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   8 of 13 members found this review helpful 8 / 13 members

Oh, hello. Sorry, everything is okay until I start the game; a notification popups saying my SOS version is too old or isn't installed at all. If someone can tell me what am I doing wrong I would be really really thankful

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   7 of 12 members found this review helpful 7 / 12 members

I was an idiot for updating the game to the latest 1.6.342 version. A lot of my mods stopped working now including this one. Along with this the racemenu and the skyui aio survival the most prominent among them. Now i can't play this game without any these mods. I just hope the authors will update the game soon and also I hope I wont be a complete idiot in the future to update the game as soon as an update arrives. 

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   4 of 7 members found this review helpful 4 / 7 members

good work

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   5 of 10 members found this review helpful 5 / 10 members

Let me just say thank you for finding the time to keep this up to date ? Was very happy to find this file a few days ago after buying this game during the recent sale.

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   4 of 8 members found this review helpful 4 / 8 members

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you've been doing! Take all the time you need for updating, whatever you do, you have my support, even if you never update it. ? Totally understand having a day job and whatnot

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   7 of 15 members found this review helpful 7 / 15 members

I appreciate that there is someone working on these issues after the update. Could you kindly explain how to install it correctly? i followed whathever i could see in the description and in other reviews but i can't make it work.

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