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  1. Yeah SoS uncloaked works fine. You just cannot use it to give certain schlongs to certain NPCs.
  2. The code for the current version is not available. This is based on the code from before the fix for ESL. The only real difference is it has my fix for ESL instead of whatever the original fix was. The changes I mentioned are for my updated SoS which involves more than just DLL changes. I'm still working on that, when it's more useable I'll post the file on LL and host all the code somehwere. I just posted the DLL for anyone that wanted to rearrange their LO in the meantime.
  3. OK I have successfully compiled a working SoS DLL. I did not try to reverse-engineer the old ESL fix so this version is not compatible with previous saves. However, the way I fixed ESL should fixed the issues from adding/reordering an ESL/ESPFE mid-playthrough. SchlongsOfSkyrim.dll
  4. Thanks that got me like halfway there. With some additional fiddling I got the code I have to compile and run with the latest SE version. Unfortunately it is from before the fixed for large load orders from ESL. I have it working to start a new game but I still need to fix the code for saving and loading from the skse cosave. Then I can start my changes I want lol.
  5. I wouldn't bet on me definitely. As I said I can't even compile it rn lol. I have a version I have been working on but it would be much easier if I could update the DLL. I made the schlong actually part of the body rather than an ARMO equipped by scripts. This gets rid of, among other thing, the flashes of undies that irk me. I also want to add a "futa" sex or something like that other post mentioned but I haven't really fleshed it out yet.
  6. There is source way back in this thread. It is outdated but it is a start. And I know AE is not out yet. I want to modify it for other reasons.
  7. If someone is able to ELI5 how I can compile the DLL with visual studio then I can modify the C++. I just can't compile the dang thing.
  8. No SPID distributes the SoS actor effect, not the schlongs. OP wants all females to have either schlongs or SoS pubes, either way they need the SoS actor effect. SoS Uncloaked cannot achieve that.
  9. That won't do what they want if I am understanding correctly. You basically want to add a 3rd sex to sos "futa". I have tried to modify the DLL but idk DLLs and visual studio stuff to actually compile it. I'm a Linux dev.
  10. If you're using SL you probably want SoS Gender Bender or whatever it is called.
  11. No idea if you ever come here anymore, but if I had the latest dll source I might be able to make an update. I have some changes I've been making for myself but being unable to modify the dll is limiting and so far I'm too lazy to start over from the LE source.
  12. Probably. If it uses a cloak. I do not use that mod though.
  13. Oh I see so you mean like "NPCs" that just spawn as corpses. Right now it assigns the actor effect to ActorTypeNPC. The corpse must not have that keyword. Or perhaps SPID treats corpses differently.
  14. Yes you should fix those. But none of those FormIDs are related to this mod. You must have other SPID mods or something.
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