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Meridiana's Succubus Outfits - updated

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Meridiana's Succubus Outfits.


At the beginning of time one of five succubus Queens foreseen a greater threat in the far future and only one person had the power to save the world, She then created three outfits and bestowed some of her own succubae powers to aid the soon to be champion of man..

Well so the wee old drunk man told me in the park…. anyway


I have seen some realy awesome succubus outfits on skyrim but I wanted to make something different so here it is...


This Mod has three nice succubus outfits, 3 new spells an enchanted katana created using different mods by Various Modder’s.


This mod requires a CBBE Body.


So... How do I get it? A strongbox at the Lovers Stone.


The outfits can only be upgraded by the potions in the strongbox.


Legal Shit..


This mod is Exclusive to LoversLab only if found on Nexus or Steam I will never post another mod.

I have made these mods to my taste, (which means I wont alter them) some of you may not like them and other will

also please don't edit or modify this mod (unless for private use only) because I put alot time and effort into making it for everyone.

but enought of that...


I hope you like this mod.




If there is any problems with this mod please let me know..

This mod is a mashup from different mods, if I have used a part of your mod please contact me so I can give you credit.


* UNP Version tested by Ayrx *

*Sorry no bodyslide.. I dont know how to do it,*

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