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I looked every where for a patch, and couldn't find one... so I made it myself.

This does exactly what it sounds like, it makes Jk's Skyrim compatible with Milk Mod economy. Completely navmeshed as well. 

THIS IS FOR THE FANCY PUMPS!  Someone else can do the work for all the others XD

The Whiterun and Falkreath locations have been completely moved and navmeshed. Whiterun is to the right of the Bannered Mare, and Falkreath is near the Blacksmith like usual, just not buried in the back of his building.

Solitude has the clutter cleaned up, even fixed some of JK's objects that were clipping through the floor. Riften and Markarth had minimal work done.

Windhelm got completely moved. One pump is in front of Candlehearth, the other is hugging the right wall just outside the Palace of the Kings.

The other minor cities got major cleanup. No more clipping objects (hopefully) Moved around wood piles, completely rebuilt the navmesh in DragonBridge from scratch. 

Most of the Milk Pumps have been rotated for natural access. That was one of my biggest pet peeves, how ridiculously hard it was to get in some of them. 

I tested all the locations in game myself. ESP has been cleaned with SSEEDIT.

Load the plugin AFTER Jk's Skyrim and all MilkMod economy stuff.

Please consider endorsing. ❤️

This took me ages to do, and I wanted to share it all with you guys.

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Edited by DaddyDubstep13

What's New in Version 1.0.1


Major Update!!!!
1. Removes Jk's Whiterun as a dependency. I knew you degenerates wouldn't do it yourselves ;)
2. Completely moves the previous Whiterun location. I noticed in my game that guards would get stuck in the small walkway, and the "barn" looked hella out of place. The new location is behind the Bannered Mare, inside a wall alcove.
3. I placed a pump on the balcony/walkway of the Bannered Mare itself. Gotta park your cow while making an ale run, right?
4. I re-navmeshed everything properly, and tested it out in game. Everything should be good to go. 
5. I am currently working on an ESL Flagged version, but would love feedback from you guys that are testing.

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